JimKukral.com was registered on June 6, 2001

That's about 7-years after I started my career as a Web entrepreneur. Which means, if you do the math, I've been working as an Internet professional for about 24-years now. Which officially makes me one of the old guys in the business.

So you're here, now what? I've chosen this simple letter format because I've grown tired of updating this website all the time. It's just easier for me to tell you what I'm doing now this way. Still here? Keep reading then!

So what am I doing and how can I help you?

Below is a list of some of my latest projects. Note: I am still available for consulting in different areas so feel free to schedule an appointment with me if you want to talk about how I might help you accomplish your goals of success online. I only take on a few of these types of jobs a year. Let's chat about it. I still have my books too

Current Project #1

VoCoCraft is a text-to-speech technology agency that focuses on turning text-based content (ebooks, blogs, articles, white papers, etc...) into dynamic and powerful audio content. The first project that VoCoCraft is currently working on is called Synthetic Audiobook?. I firmly believe that the future of content is audio and VoCoCraft is the company that will bring these low-cost solutions to the marketplace across many mediums. Got content? Contact me and let's chat about it.

Current Project #2

Baab is my consulting service for non-fiction authors who need to understand how to use their books to drive sales, leads and profits to their brands or business. If you have a non-fiction book that solves problems for a target audience, you BETTER have a business "around" that book. I will not only help you figure out what that business should be, but I'll also help you price it, design it, configure it, build the model for it and get it all going for you. And also help you figure out how in the heck to market it. Contact me if you want to chat about it.

Current Project #3

For about 7-years now I've operated the largest and most useful book marketing tools and training sites called AMC. We have over 30,000 members and offer a wide variety of powerful tools and training for authors of fiction and non-fiction books. Got a book? Become a member and try us out.

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Want to talk about how I can help you grow your business through consulting? Contact me. Want to go fishing? Invite me, I'll be there.