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Google Adwords Inside YouTube Videos – The Next Ad Frontier

Contextual ads appearing inside your YouTube videos? Robert Scoble talks about how it’s already in progress.

C’mon, it was inevitable. Further proof that online video is the next “big” thing, the money men are figuring out how to spam it full of ads.

Imagine this. You’re watching a Pop!Tech video, like we are right now (we’re watching Ask a Ninja’s Kent Nichols talk to the crowd about podcasting and how Ask a Ninja came about). But, instead of doing advertising at the beginning of the video (like Pop!Tech has thanks to a sponsorship) there’s a set of Google ads along the side.

But, as you watch the video the Google ads change. And don’t change randomly, but change in reaction to what Kent is talking on stage about. He says “camcorder” and the ads change to a set of camcorders that you could buy — all without interrupting the video playing.

More here at Podtech.

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