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PayPerPost Changes Its Name To IZEA

Ted Murphy, CEO of PayPerPost dropped me a note earlier today letting me know that the controversial company is changing its name to “IZEA”. The site is live now, check it out. From the press release I found live on the site

Effective immediately, the company will operate under the parent name of IZEAâ„¢ Inc., incorporating consumer generated advertising network PayPerPost.com and other Web sites currently operating under the PayPerPost, Inc. umbrella.

So the question is… Why change names now? Some will argue that IZEA is simply trying to remove the often scolded brand of PayPerPost from the equation. Other companies have done this in the past, and it has worked. Accenture anyone?

But in reality, it appears to simply be a restructure, with a launch of a new product that Ted has been teasing to show me for months now yet failed to deliver. Murphy may be a marketing genius, but he’s a darn tease too.

The name change comes just days before the scheduled unveiling of IZEA’s highly anticipated new service, codenamed Argus. An alpha version of the offering will be revealed on Nov. 10 at PostieCon, the company’s annual user conference. It will provide both bloggers and advertisers more visibility into social media and allow them to interact with each other and the public in more immediate, transparent and accountable ways. Access to the alpha version will be by invitation only through the end of 2007.

Full disclosure: I’m speaking at Postiecon in a few weeks, the day after the Blogworldexpo show. See you all in Vegas.

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  1. Nick
    November 6, 2007 at 7:14 pm #

    Is this to try to confuse people with Ikea?

  2. MarriedMelody
    November 7, 2007 at 7:29 am #

    If it wasn’t for this post I would not notice any change with PPP. I have been them for a while, I visit their site almost every day (and take sponsored opp) and the name of the company still stayed the same there.


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    Seeing your babies grow up is bittersweet. Watching my daughters scare others at our haunted house this Halloween, instead of being scared, was both fun and sad.

    I feel that same conflict with PayPerPost’s evolution to IZEA, being formally announc….

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