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Social Media Training For Agencies & Corporations

Face it. If you’re a PR or advertising agency, or corporation or anything like that, the time has finally come for you to learn about all this social media stuff.

Sigh, I know, I know. You thought maybe it would go away. You thought maybe your clients would stop asking you about it or your boss would forget that you were supposed to research it. The truth is that social media is here to stay and right now, with this poor economy, there is simply not a better way to not spend money than to market with social media.

Yes, I said “not spend” money. Because that’s what social media can do for businesses. It’s a way around buying those television ads that keep going up in price but bring less results. It’s another, better option to those magazine ads that are great for branding, but bring poor results.

I get 2-3 calls every single day from people asking about how they learn more about social media. Either from public relations agencies or executives at corporations looking for guidance.

Are you a PR or advertising agency?
Are your clients asking you how they should use things like Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed and you don’t know what to tell them?

Never let a client leave you because you couldn’t serve their needs! Now’s the time to educate your team and form a social media plan you can sell to your clients that works. Read more.

Are you a corporation in need of a social media trainer?
Now’s the time to educate your team and form a social media plan that can generate more leads, sales and publicity for your business.

Your team can do it, and do it well… If they have the right road map to success and the knowledge and tools they need to get the job done. Read more.

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  1. Dans
    May 29, 2009 at 7:43 pm #

    Thanks very nice share useful


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