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How To Choose A Niche & Create A Successful Business Around It

Over at my coaching site, TheBizWebCoach.com ($1.00 Trial), I’m constantly interviewing the movers and shakers and experts in the online marketing world. Here’s another interview you will enjoy. Please leave a comment.

Probably one of the, ok, not probably, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO FIRST, is to decide on a niche for your business. Why? Because it’s much easier to sell to one group of interested people, than trying to sell to people with a million different interests.

So you have to choose a niche, and then when you do, you need to build a successful web business around that niche. I spoke with Kevin from Renegade Health about how he built his successful health-related niche business and how you can do it too. This is a must listen for anyone who wants to build a successful online business.

Listen to the podcast with Kevin here.

The Biz Web Coach talks with Kevin from Renegade Health about how to build a successful web business. This is a must listen podcast for anyone who has a niche (YOU!) who wants to be successful.

About Kevin

It’s time to breakdown the stiff and cold nutritional guidelines, calorie counting diets and charts and re-learn the tenets of health that create lasting results. Kevin Gianni, creator and host of “The Renegade Health Show” believes great health education doesn’t have to be spread in clinics or in rooms with no pictures on the walls, but can be done in a fun, friendly and outrageous way. And he’s right, since the start of the show, thousands of viewers have come from all over the world and are taking the message from a rather unconventional expert to heart.

Kevin’s interest in health and healing came when he faced a crisis of his own. “Brooklyn Basement-itis.” Outside of college, Kevin was a self proclaimed “beer slugging loser.” He was 30 pounds overweight, tired, lazy and had little hope for anything more than to know what bar he was going to that night. It was getting worse, when…

One morning, hung-over and irritated, he peeled his head off his pillow and asked himself a question. “Is there anything better than this?”

The answer echoed through his pounding head loud enough to take action, one of his guiding principles that he now teaches to thousands of people around the world.

Since then, Kevin has immersed himself in the world of natural health, healing, fitness and self development. He teaches the same techniques that he used to transition himself into a healthy, happy and successful entrepreneur to others through the internet, telephone and in person. His online teleseminar events have reached over 25,000 people in over 85 different countries around the world.

Kevin Gianni headshotKevin’s ultimate dream is to help as many people as possible regain their health and reach their goals, so his life took a fortuitous turn when he met Gary Vaynerchuk of WineLibraryTV.com at a marketing event and realized that he didn’t need to nuzzle up with big-time network execs to have his own TV show. He realized he could do it himself and immediately created “The Renegade Health Show” to provide a fun, exciting and educational forum for natural health enthusiasts.

Kevin’s ultimate goals are to make health accessible to everyone, entertaining and informative. There are too many stiff experts and self-proclaimed know-it-alls teaching a skill that is more individualized with various factors contributing to the cause and generation of disease and wellness. You won’t find many experts, in any field, playing a Spanish riff on a guitar while his wife and co-host Annmarie makes raw, living food burritos.

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  1. Robert
    March 9, 2009 at 4:34 am #

    Its absolutely true that we need to sell our products to whom having interest over our product. Thanks for sharing the news with all which is appreciable.

  2. Darkone
    March 9, 2009 at 9:04 am #

    I enjoyed reading you blog about finding a Niche,
    I agrea that all companies should find a niche that focuses on the right customer for you.
    But at the moment I am having that same problem.

    I have a online company, but I'm worried that if i focus on a niche market, i will be turning to many customers away, but at the same time the customers i am getting are not 100% what i want :( What to do?

  3. Zxirupofrur
    August 23, 2009 at 1:19 am #

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