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I Don’t Care

I have no idea how many Twitter followers I have. I haven’t checked in a year.

I don’t know how many Facebook friends I have either.

I haven’t checked my Klout score since the first time the site came out.

I haven’t checked my search engine rankings for over six years.

I haven’t looked at my Google analytics to see how much “traffic” I’ve gotten in a year.

I could care less how many video views my YouTube videos have.

I don’t check my Amazon sales stats for my books more than once a month.

Why? Because I don’t care about those things. It’s useless data to me. I measure success in sales and leads and connections. Not traffic and stats.

Yet despite not caring about those things, I still get 5-10 leads a week via my websites.

I still get journalists calling me to quote me in stories.

I still get spam and countless other pitches from people who don’t do their research.

I still get asked to speak to thousands of people.

I still get a wonderful network of associates and friends who I cherish.

I still maintain my own business and live the lifestyle that I want.

Something for you to think about. Are you worrying too much about the things that don’t really matter?

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  1. Ron Tracy
    August 10, 2012 at 7:59 am #

    Nice post Jim and a good reminder to "keep it simple stupid"!

  2. DeeBishop
    August 17, 2012 at 3:33 pm #

    Your comments hit home, Jim. I've been thinking more and more about these things that you don't care about and after reading your post, I thought… "he's right, that's not what it's about." Thanks for the reminder. I'm in business for myself, writing from home, because that's what I enjoy and what I want to do. And somehow the rest always seems to fall in place.