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Official (Super-Long) Bio: Jim Kukral

For over 16-years, Jim Kukral has helped small businesses and large companies like Fedex, Sherwin Williams, Ernst & Young and Progressive Auto Insurance understand how to:

  • Build successful new online businesses or energize and refresh existing ones
  • Learn how to leverage social media for more sales, leads and publicity
  • Create imaginative marketing campaigns that get talked about
  • Innovate new products and services that could positively change your business bottom line
  • Attract first-class publicity that actually means something and gives an ROI
  • Make more profits with less work

jimkandgaryvA graduate of The University of Akron with a BA in Public Relations and a minor in Sales & Marketing, Jim has spent time working for publicly traded firms and small businesses alike. Jim’s work and experience in the Internet marketing industry has branded him as a leading thinker and thought-leader in the community.

Jim started work in the Internet business in 1995, mostly in the trenches writing code, designing websites and managing large projects for one of the USA’s first Web firms based in Cleveland, OH. Jim is credited with building some of the first major Fortune 500 websites and blogs in America. His work has been viewed by millions around the world.

As a serial Web-entrepreneur, Jim has consistently innovated many online businesses such as Prfessor.com, a web-based solution that allows anyone to instantly create their own online university or training center. Jim was the part-owner/creator of a search engine marketing firm that now ranks as the world’s top 15 SEO agency according to Adage.

A blogger since 2001, Jim has reached millions of readers through online channels/networks and offline by writing for magazines and trade journals that are sent all over the globe.

You can currently see Jim’s writing in magazines like Revenue Today and FeedFront. Jim has also spent time writing professionally for online sources like clickZ and Builder.com as well as the Web’s largest tech group blog at ReveNews.com where Jim served as the Publisher for 2-years.

jimbookerJim has done well producing publicity for himself and for his projects or others who have hired him to do so. He has been quoted or featured in some way in online and offline print publications such as Forbes, Brandweek, Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, BusinessWeek, Inc., Small Business Trends, FeedFront, Revenue Today, Marketing Sherpa and Duct Tape Marketing network… to name just a few.

On stage is where Jim really finds his passion. As a professional speaker Jim has presented to thousands of people at many different events all across America on the topics of Web-entrepreneurism, success and failure, Internet marketing and more.

As an emcee and moderator, Jim has organized countless panels and had the pleasure of introducing some of the Web’s biggest celebrities, such as Newark Mayor Corey Booker, Mahalo’s Jason Calacanis, Dallas Maverick’s billionaire owner Marc Cuban, social media guru Chris Brogan and more.

Most recently, Jim is working on new books every day and is actively traveling the globe helping to inspire entrepreneurs to find success online. You can see all of Jim’s books here.

On a daily basis Jim spends most of his time helping entrepreneurs and small business owners learn how to find success online. His passion for teaching shines through in his training and coaching programs that have been taken by hopeful business owners from around the globe. His latest venture focuses on bringing the power of self-publishing to the masses. You can learn more about this at Digital Book Launch and Author Marketing Club.

usfMost recently, Jim serves as an Online Instructor for the University of San Francisco’s Internet Marketing Program where he teaches classes to students around the globe on the topics of Internet marketing, Web monetization, affiliate marketing and social media.

Jim was recently named as one of “The Most Influential Small Business People on Twitter” according to Dun & Bradstreet.

Here’s what a few people have to say about Jim Kukral.


Jim has a way of looking at an issue in a different way than the average Joe. His ability to take something that any of us would look as just “x” or “y” and uncover true revenue producing opportunities is why you should listen to him. He’s one of those folks who constantly has his ear and eye in tuned to opportunities where others just see “video” or “software” Jim sees dollar signs, the beauty is the simplicity by which he sees such opportunities, no he will not present a convoluted idea taking 12 months and a team of 20 to get off the ground, its the quick opportunities that sit before us every day that Jim finds and creates value with. – Wil Reynolds – Founder SEER Interactive (http://www.thinkseer.com)


“Jim is a marketer’s marketer. Instead of throwing out buzzwords and catchy slogans, Jim solves problems for clients and consumers. That practical based nature of his marketing approach sets Jim apart as both a leader and prophet of reason in the online marketing wilderness.” – Sam Harrelson, SamHarrelson.com


“When I think of Internet video, I think of Jim Kukral. He’s on the bleeding edge with editing, production quality and creativity. Jim is the Scorsese of Internet video geeks.” – Shawn Collins, Co-founder of the Affiliate Summit conference.


“Following Jim has inspired me since the day I started listening to what he had to say, without his inspiration I would not have doubled my business in 2007-2008, Jim is truly a Entrepreneur to pay attention to.” – John Fischer CEO StickerGiant.com Inc.