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I love writing, and not just books. I remember starting my first blog in August of 2001 (over ten years ago). I loved that I could instantly and easily publish content to the World without a gatekeeper deciding if it was good enough. I loved being able to express myself. I loved being able to spread my ideas and concepts.

I love publishing.

I’ve published thousands of pieces of content over the years. From blogs, to articles to ebooks, to videos, and now, books, in print and digitally. Creating content is fun, but it’s also a lot of work. But hard work in content creation pays off in so many ways. I’ve built a reputable, trustworthy brand on the back of all the excellent content I’ve created over the years. And not one dime spent on advertising to get there. Yes… content marketing works.

How can I help you use the power of content marketing to improve your business? Contact me to have a discussion about what kind of content you can create to generate more sales, leads and publicity for your business.