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The Hard Truth of Hanging Around Industry Rockstars

Tweet One thing you quickly learn once you begin to attend conferences in your industry, and actually meet industry leaders… is that… You’re never going to be a rockstar/leader like them unless you stop settling for being average, and instead make strides to take your stuff to the next level. Probably my most shared post […]

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You Suck At Sales

Tweet I recently filled out an online form in search of fishing camps in Ontario. What happens is I fill out the form, then they take my lead and mail it to all of their advertising partners (fishing camps). So within 48 hours of filling out the form, I have gotten about 50 fishing camps […]

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The Moment I Knew I Never Wanted To Work For Anyone Ever Again

Tweet I’ve never told this story before. Not in a blog, or in one of my books, or to anyone really. I suppose I suppressed it. But I recently pulled it out of my memory bank because I was listening to a Chris Brogan podcast about why you should quit your job and it spurred […]

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Book Discovery with PinYourBook.com

Tweet If you’re an author trying to find ways to reach new readers in this new world of self-publishing, then you know that it’s hard. This is why book discovery is the single most important issue facing new authors today. It’s something we all need to be aware of and something we should all be […]

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13 Reasons You’re Not As Successful As You Should Be

Tweet One of my most popular things I’ve ever written. Now in infographic form. Please share if you like. Click image to enlarge. Like this? You can get more in my book Business Around a Lifestyle. Read the entire post at NFIB with comments.

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The Most Difficult Thing To Do Is Talk About Yourself

Tweet Anyone who is in the business of marketing will tell you… The most difficult thing to do is talking about yourself. That could mean you, your brand, or your business. For years I’ve struggled with answering the question of “What do you do Jim?” And, “tell me more about yourself”. So much so I’ve […]

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Another Book Jim? Yep, Introducing “The Webinar Way”

Tweet You know how to write a ton of books? Co-author them with other people. Introducing a book I’ve been working on with co-author Sherrie Rose. It’s called The Webinar Way – The Single, Most Effective Way to Promote your Services, Drive Leads & Sell a Ton of Products. Published by my book marketing firm […]

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Business Around A Lifestyle Volume 2 + Free Bonus

Tweet It’s finally here. Part II of my book series Business Around A Lifestyle (How To Create An Amazing Online Business & Profit From It) is live on sale on Amazon and ready for your reviews. If you haven’t read Volume 1 yet, I would suggest you grab it here first, then move on to […]

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Ducttape Marketing Guy Wants You To Make Work Worth It (podcast)

Tweet I recently had the chance to interview the great John Jantsch, aka Ducttape Marketing guy, to talk about his new book The Commitment Engine. Below is the podcast interview. This is John’s third book, and I look forward to reading it. His first two books, are books I have read and I highly recommend. […]

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Videos For Business – Explainer Videos

Tweet Stop, before you read… a bribe. Go ahead and share my new company FunnerVids to your social network here, and get free access to my Online Video Toolkit 2.0 product ($99 value). Share it here. As I wrote in my HuffingtonPost piece a bit ago, explainer videos are the new infographics. Yes, infographics are […]

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