The Rise of Belief Driven Buyers

How Consumers Believe Brands, Not Politicians, Can Save The World

The world, and your customers, are more divided than ever. Maybe the smartest thing to do is to stay neutral, continue on with the same old benefit-based marketing strategies, and hope to not run into that giant iceberg that came out of nowhere that will assuredly sink you to the bottom.

Or is it? 53% of buyers now believe that brands can do more to solve problems in society than government. And these same consumers EXPECT brands to be leaders for change and the solution to critical problems. If you’re not ready to do those things, well, maybe those consumers aren’t ready to buy from you.

Whoa! You mean my customers want us to take a side? Yes, exactly. Belief driven buyers are the single greatest threat to your business and also the single greatest opportunity for your business. The question is: Will you embrace the future of consumerism and outplay your competition, or will you let your rivals beat you to the punch?

Consumers believe brands, not politicians, can change the world. And they’re opening their wallets to businesses that have a product with a purpose. 

In this fast-paced, insightful and hilarious presentation, Jim Kukral presents you with a simple, but necessary choice: Are you going to play it safe and stay neutral, or do you want to care, and profit from it? Through incredible story-telling about Jim’s “time served” as a politician, Jim explains to the audience how politicians win elections on beliefs, not issues, and how businesses must learn how to do the same. 

This powerful and timely presentation will help attendees think differently about their customers and help them embrace the future of their marketing so they can engage more true fans and life-long customers.