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Archive | Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis Affiliate Summit Keynote Introduction

Tweet Ok, so I introduced Mark Cuban already, and now recently I introduced Jason Calacanis. Watch the video below to see Jason’s entire keynote speech at the Affiliate Summit event, and watch the beginning to see my introduction. I give myself a “B”. :) Watch the end when I get a hug from Jason too, […]

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Affiliate Marketing Is A Lifestyle Choice – Response To Jason Calacanis

Tweet Last week at the Affiliate Summit event in Las Vegas I had the pleasure of introducing Jason Calacanis as the keynote speaker. While I wasn’t sure what Jason was going to say exactly, I was sure that he was going to say something that would get the industry talking. I was right. Here’s some […]

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Jason Calacanis Affiliate Summit Keynote Footage

Tweet Right after I introduced Jason I sat down and pulled out my Flip cam and took a little footage. Here it is. Just a few minutes long. I know the official footage of the keynote will come from the Affiliate Summit gang in a few weeks, including my intro hopefully. Want to listen for […]

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5 Questions For Jason Calacanis: Affiliate Summit Keynote Speaker

Tweet I’m proud to be the emcee of the Affiliate Summit West event at the Rio in Las Vegas in Feb, 2008. It’s my first time in this role and I’m really looking forward to it. Perhaps though, I’m even more excited to be able to introduce the keynote speaker for the event, none other […]

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Jason Calacanis Wants To Be The Next Mark Cuban

Tweet Yet another reason why Jason Calacanis is successful. He knows how to get attention and brand himself, just like Mark Cuban. The word is on the street that he’s going to try and take on Google and build a search engine. So what’s the idea? It’s a cross between Wikipedia and Google. Calacanis’ new […]

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Sunday Night Roundup, Links & Random Thoughts

Tweet Here’s some links and thoughts I had after a beautiful 70-degree, sunny day here in Cleveland, Ohio. Thought #1: Jason Calacanis interviews Ted Murphy, fucking marketing genius (it’s #1 on Google Ted, you should be proud) and CEO of PayPerPost.com. A few thoughts popped into my head while watching this broadcast. 1. You ever […]

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