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So You Wanna Be A YouTube Star?

Tweet If you aren’t watching sXephil on YouTube yet, you should be. His main site is PhillyD.tv. The guy does a daily show that is one of the best I’ve seen. No, not as good as ZEFrank (who is?), but he’s close which is a pretty big compliment in my book. The other day Phil […]

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Do You Qualify For A Free Press Pass To The Affiliate Summit? You Just Might, Apply Today.

Tweet I’m the “blogging captain” at the Affiliate Summit media room this summer in Miami. It’s going to be a great event, with ZEfrank keynoting. You do not want to miss this show. Not coming? What? How about coming as a member of the press? But, you’re asking yourself… Do I qualify as press? Can […]

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Online Success Lessons From ZEfrank

Tweet ZE’s gone, but not forgotten. Well at least “The Show” is over, and yeah, ZE’s still around in spirit, that’s apparant by reading one of his post “the show” interviews over at Slate.com. This piece is for anyone who wishes to learn how to be a successful online, in any capacity. Why? Because if […]

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ZEfrank’s Last ‘The Show’ Today

Tweet I gotta tell you, I’m a bit weepy after watching his last show today. Why? Well, I’m a sucker for sappy music and slow-motion montages, plus, you know, ZE is THAT good. It sucks this run is over. You can watch ZE’s first show one year ago here. My only solace is that I […]

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The Wassup! Project, Share Your Wassup!

Tweet Happy Friday! The Wassup Project goes live, and the Big Brown Box goes live this weekend, stay tuned. You know you want to participate. Answers to your questions below. Question: How does this make money? Answer: It doesn’t, it’s just for fun. Question: What’s with you lately Jim, you’re even further off the deep […]

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Want To Monetize Your Blog? Start Thinking About “Fun”

Tweet Recently I launched a little thing called Kukral’s Top Bananas. Anyone can buy the top banana spot for $10.00, and upload a graphic and get a link. I can hear you now saying, “Jim, are you nuts? What is this top banana stuff?”. Look, it’s all about having some fun and testing new ideas […]

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