Jim For Life Project Is Alive!

This is the dumbest, or smartest thing I have ever done. Probably the former. Just $1/year. You’ve got nothing to lose. Ok, well, you could lose a buck. The video below pretty much says it all. Please watch it. And then visit my project page at IndieGoGo to participate. Please share this.

Hi, my name is Jim F. Kukral. I’ve spent my life working to help educate and motivate people to find success in their lives and businesses. I have taught thousands of students around the globe as a Professor of Internet Marketing for the University of San Francisco. I have written eight awesome books that people love. I give away hundreds of hours of free consulting to people.

I LOVE what I do. I help people. My life-long mission is to help MORE people. To help YOU!

So I needed to find a way to reach you, and that’s what Jim For Life is. I’m giving you access to all of my future stuff (books, elearning courses, etc…) that I create for the cost of $1/year.

Here’s how it works. When I release a new book or project or elearning course or whatever, I give you access to it for free, BEFORE I sell it. For a buck. What have you got to lose? Nada! Ok, a buck. :)

Who Are You Jim?
I’m just a regular guy from Cleveland, Ohio who has worked building businesses on the Internet for 16 years or so. I write a lot of books about Internet marketing and success and I help people by teaching them how to build online businesses.

I’m not a “get rich quick” guy. That’s all b.s. and we all know it. To be successful in anything you have to work hard and kick some butt. There is no quick overnight success.

Why Should You Participate?
Like I said, this is probably the dumbest, or smartest thing I’ll ever do. I guess we’ll find out. I’m basically giving away tens of thousands of dollars worth of stuff I would sell otherwise to a ton of people who want it for a buck/year. My motivation is that I want to help you succeed. I want you to have access to the things I created so that you can find a better job, or start your own business, or build your brand and basically live a better life.

I can do that for you if I can give you access to all of the things I create. People who read my books and learn from me have a very high success rate because I’m 1000% focused on making sure they get the information and motivation to get it done.

The question for you is, how bad do you want it? Is it worth a dollar to you to be part of my world where I can help you? As I’ve always said, “Doers get what they want and every one else gets what they get.”

I’m hoping I can convince 1,000 of you “doers” out there to give this a chance. Please check the extra awesome levels of pledges here on this page. Every level will get you something different, and limited quantities are available for some of them.

Please Help Me Spread The Word? Free Bonus!
Thanks for your participation and consideration. And please, would you share this very special offer with your social media friends or email list? If you do, I’ll give you a special free bonus.

Finally, if you’d like to know more about why I’m doing this, visit my blog at JimKukral.com.