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Jim recently presented on a webinar for our small business customers at www.incorporate.com. Jim’s presentation was powerful- he has a wealth of ideas that help businesses grow and develop. In a world full of noise, Jim helps you break through the noise and get through the clutter to help a business owner grow their bottom line.

– John Meyer

I recently saw Jim present at Content Marketing World, and his energy, drive, and perspective have truly inspired me and my company. If you listen to (or read) Jim, you’re guaranteed to learn something!

– Christian Perritt

By nature, I’m a skeptic and tend to see the glass as “half full”. However, Jim Kukral’s Write a F*$%’ing Book Already was priced low enough, and designed with enough flair, to overcome any of my internal objections. I loved the book. So much so, I registered for his webinar, and ultimately used his service to create the cover for my book: “The Best Time To Work On Your Marriage is When You’re Single”. I’ve found Jim’s services to be highly professional, prompt and, dare I say, fun.

– Avrum Nadigel, MSW
Toronto, Canada

Hiring Jim and his team to overhaul our website was like taking some of our own medicine. We talk in our business a lot about being”stuck” and helping an individual, group or organization get beyond that “stuck point” to where they want to go.

Our website was a “stuck point” and we needed outside help to get beyond it.

But if your experience has been anything like ours with websites…you hire someone to help you build it and then they retain the keys to updating, adding, deleting, editing etc. They also mysteriously become “unavailable” when you need to make a change. Now you’re just stuck again in a different way. This is where Jim and his team stand head and shoulders above the rest.

They actually redid our site and then gave us the keys! Jim personally walked us through how to update, edit or change the site so we could be in the drivers seat and not have to waste hours of time and money waiting or wondering if a simple change could be made. No more of that!

Our site is now dynamic…it moves and flexes with our business and houses only what’s new and fresh. We have moved beyond the Internet enabled “brochure” to a real marketing tool that interacts daily with the ebb and flow of our business environment.

Thanks Jim and your team for listening to what we needed, building a great product and handing it over to us to run. You’ve given us our freedom and our wings…and that’s well beyond “stuck”!

We are ever grateful!

– Chris & Judy

The opportunity to learn from a guru is outstanding. Jim does not like the word guru and I prefer the word mentor. The fact that you can get questioned answered on the spot allows you to overcome any obstacles that you might encounter. He teaches the importance of keeping the process going. He leads you to the answer and you have to execute. The guidance and coaching skills are awesome.

– Peter T. Kaighin

After reading Jim’s “Write A F*$%’ing Book Already”, I signed up for his coaching program. Wow, what a difference it made in my thinking. Before my first coaching session I spent most of my time just thinking about writing a book. Now I’m actually doing it. As Jim is fond of saying, “Doer’s get what they want, everyone else gets what they get.” I’m on my way to getting what I want thanks to Jim.

– John Weisenberger

I first became aware of Jim last summer when I downloaded his audiobook Attention This Book Will Make You Money. It had so many valuable bits of information that I listened to it four times and ended up buying a hard copy for reference. When I heard about his private coaching group I jumped at the chance to work with Jim. The sessions have been informative, but better yet, Jim has taught me to always be thinking and writing down ideas on ways to improve my business. Jim’s down to earth style of coaching makes it easy to understand and implement. Anyone who wants to find a way to promote their business or business idea should spend some time learning from a true master; Jim Kukral.

– Ellen McIlhenny

Jim has a way of looking at an issue in a different way than the average Joe. His ability to take something that any of us would look as just “x” or “y” and uncover true revenue producing opportunities is why you should listen to him. He’s one of those folks who constantly has his ear and eye in tuned to opportunities where others just see “video” or “software” Jim sees dollar signs, the beauty is the simplicity by which he sees such opportunities, no he will not present a convoluted idea taking 12 months and a team of 20 to get off the ground, its the quick opportunities that sit before us every day that Jim finds and creates value with.

– Wil Reynolds
Founder SEER Interactive

Jim is a marketer’s marketer. Instead of throwing out buzzwords and catchy slogans, Jim solves problems for clients and consumers. That practical based nature of his marketing approach sets Jim apart as both a leader and prophet of reason in the online marketing wilderness.

– Sam Harrelson

When I think of Internet video, I think of Jim Kukral. He’s on the bleeding edge with editing, production quality and creativity. Jim is the Scorsese of Internet video geeks.

– Shawn Collins
Co-founder of the Affiliate Summit conference

Following Jim has inspired me since the day I started listening to what he had to say, without his inspiration I would not have doubled my business in 2007-2008, Jim is truly a Entrepreneur to pay attention to.

– John Fischer
CEO of StickerGiant.com Inc.

Jim Kukral’s introduction to me before my keynote at the Blogworldexpo event was smart, funny and well done. I was impressed and he made me laugh.

– Mark Cuban

Jim Kukral may be a fellow Clevelander. But he is a player on the national stage. I’ve seen Jim speak at multiple events in multiple venues. Every time he offers intelligent, highly useful information. I may spend a great deal of time in this industry, but I always learn something each time I hear Jim speak. If you are considering hiring Jim for your next event, look no further. You are assured of making the right choice!

– Sage Lewis
President of SageRock Digital Marketing Agency

Jim Kukral has been our show emcee multiple times for a reason. He comes prepared, entertains the crowd and is professional and knowledgeable. We highly recommend Jim as an emcee for your next event.

– Shawn Collins & Missy Ward
Co-Owners Affiliate Summit

I’ve seen Jim MC several different conferences as well as moderate more panels than I can remember. Jim was always the consummate professional, running each session efficiently and keeping each panel on task, interesting and informative. He does a great job and I look forward to seeing him MC and speak again.

– Jamie Birch
JEB Commerce

Jim Kukral is the Track Leader for our Monetization Track which is arguably the most important track in our event. We place a tremendous amount of trust in Jim and it pays off in spades! Jim is nothing short of amazing! If you are looking for a speaker, or someone to help organize your conference, I couldn’t recommend Jim any higher

– Rick Calvert
CEO & Co-founder

I recently had the pleasure to see Jim present You’ve Failed, Learn Why? and was amazed at his ability to take complex concepts and humanize them in a way that made his message accessible. Jim is a joy to listen to and learn from, and this presentation was just another example. I am personally looking forward to hearing him speak again, and am actively looking for conferences that include Jim to attend.

– Micah Baldwin

I have spent time with Jim as a group leader and speaker at the 2008 Blogworld Expo, and was impressed with his leadership and subject knowledge. Jim’s mix of information, humor and management of both speakers and audience was impressive. I look forward to seeing Jim again this January at Word Camp Las Vegas and Affiliate Summit.

– Rich Vaules

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Jim speak and working with him quite a few times, and I am always in awe of his natural talent and marketing abilities. He is one of the top internet marketing thought leaders, constantly challenging his team to take their efforts to the next level and doing so with grace and ease.

His keynote sessions are always packed with information, delivering unique and creative tips each time despite his wealth of speaking engagements. It was am honor to be able to work with Jim, and I hope to be able to do so again soon.

– Dina Riccobono

Jim has a quiver full of great ideas and resources that he shares generously with his clients. We love his easy-going yet purposeful approach to moving a business forward and have already recommended him to others who are serious about making things happen. Thanks, Jim….you’re a keeper!

– Chris and Judy Schenk

Jim Kukral can list a number of occupations next to his name, but to me, Jim is first and foremost a teacher. I first encountered him when I took a University of San Francisco course in Internet Marketing. I’ve learned from three of his books and am currently learning from him in his Business Coaching Mastermind program. In the Mastermind class, Jim is generous with his expertise and patient while giving no-nonsense advice to each of his student-clients.

– Mark Whittaker