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100% of small business owners and event planners want powerful and entertaining keynote speakers that leave their audiences talking about it months later. Look no further. Jim Kukral's UNSKIPPABLE™ Experience will have your guests laughing, thinking, and walking away from your event with a smile on their face and a notebook full of ideas.


Christian Perritt

"I recently saw Jim present at Content Marketing World, and his energy, drive, and perspective have truly inspired me and my company. If you listen to (or read) Jim, you’re guaranteed to learn something!"

Cleveland AMA Director

"Great topic, relevant take-home info, delivered beautifully and powerfully. If only more speakers were like you. Thanks so much Jim!"

Jeffrey Rohrs

"The world needs more speakers and marketers like Jim Kukral. His blend of the creative and strategic, the tactical and the entertaining, helps audiences better understand today's big business challenges as the truly exciting opportunities they are."


Unskippable Jim Kukral

Jim's latest book: Spring, 2019

YOU purposely attract lifetime customers

YOU make sure your brand stands high above your competition

YOU think differently, and act successfully, with your marketing

YOU clarify what you sell and how you sell it, fast

YOU inspire your employees to care & believe in your brand

YOU build a brand that creates a shared belief in a buyer

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"WOW! I feel unskippable now! - Mary Q.


The world has become skippable. Yes, your business too. Don't believe it? It's getting harder and harder to get, and keep, attention in today's noisy world. 

You cannot only rely on traditional benefit-based marketing any longer; It's simply not good enough. Today's consumers want more. They want to share a belief with you. 

64% of consumers now consider themselves "Belief Driven Buyers". This means they are making decisions on purchases based upon a shared belief. So the question for you is...

What does your business believe? And how do you communicate that to purposely attract lifetime customers?

The UNSKIPPABLE Experience will open your mind to what your customers want from you, and give you an action plan about how to communicate to them so they'll open up their wallets to you, for life.

Speaking Topics

Jim Kukral Unskippable

UNSKIPPABLE - How To Purposely Attract Lifetime Customers

The world has become skippable, and the biggest question you should be asking yourself  is... How do I become Unskippable?

Customers are changing how they make decisions, and gone are the days where traditional benefit-based marketing tactics were good enough. Today's new "belief driven buyers" want to you to care and lead a movement for change, and they're opening up their wallets to those they feel a kinship with. So, what do you believe? It's time to figure that out and use it. 

Jim Kukral's UNSKIPPABLE offers a new approach for your marketing and branding efforts to help you understand your current, and future, buyers so that you can purposely attract lifetime customers.

Jim Kukral Unskippable

How To Fire Your Boss, Before You Get One
(Perfect for Colleges/Universities)

So you want to be an entrepreneur, do ya? Well, here's the good news. There's never been a greater time in the history of the world to build a business from scratch, quickly, and make it successful.

Now here's the bad news. It's gonna be a lot of work, and if you're more interested in watching Netflix or playing video games instead of hustling and grinding, then you might as well take that comfortable cubicle job and hope your new boss is cool I guess.

Jim Kukral has spent the last 20+ years building his brand and businesses as an entrepreneur, and he's got a story to tell you about all the massive failures, and the amazing successes which have allowed him to be "boss free" that entire time.

Jim Kukral Unskippable

Build a Business Around a Lifestyle, Not the Other Way Around

Entrepreneurs have it backwards. You have been taught all the wrong lessons. If you're going to start your own business, you need to decide what kind of lifestyle you want first. Wait, I can do that? Yes, you can.

From birth we're taught to go to school, get a job we don't like, pay our bills, don't complain, and in general be a cog in the wheel just like everyone else. But that's all wrong. Happy, successful business owners don't think that way. To do it right, you must first decide how many hours you want to work, and what you love doing and what you're passionate about. Then, and only then, you build a business that supports that lifestyle. It's easier than you think.

Jim Kukral will show you the formula for choosing your perfect lifestyle, then give you a solid plan with real case studies, to put you on the right path to building a business you love, around a lifestyle you deserve. 

“Jim Kukral’s introduction to me before my keynote was smart, funny and well done. I was impressed and he made me laugh.” - Mark Cuban

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You’ve booked tons of people to speak and you know which ones delivered, and which ones fell flat. Jim knows what makes a powerful keynote, and he's going to deliver one to your audience that will knock their socks off. (Or if they’re not wearing socks, he’ll shoot for their flip flops.)


Jim's topics are fresh, and brilliantly targeted to today’s busy world 

Jim will get your audience thinking, and going home with fresh ideas

Jim delivers a knock-out combination of funny and informative content

Jim and his audiences think he's hilarious (his kids don’t)

Keynote Speaker

Jim has spoken to rooms of  over 3,500+ around the globe. He delights audiences with informative and funny stories.


Jim has worked as an emcee for many events where he keeps the audience laughing, and the show running on schedule.

Web Entrepreneur

For over twenty-years, Jim has worked as a Web professional and consultant for small and large brands and business owners.

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"Best speaker of the day." - Katie K.

Kukral & Gary Vaynerchuk

“Jim Kukral has been our show emcee multiple times for a reason. He comes prepared, entertains the crowd and is professional and knowledgeable. We highly recommend Jim as an emcee for your next event.”

Shawn Collins & Missy Ward, Co-CEO’s Affiliate Summit

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