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Whew, I'm stuffed. Another great Thanksgiving. Hope yours was just as good. Doreen and I ran out today, against our better judgement, to get a few things we needed. Even the cold snowy/rainy weather didn't appear to keep people inside today. Good news for the stores and our economy, but bad for finding a parking spot. As I mentioned before, I'm going to be doing a ton of online shopping this year, and I started today. My good friend, Andy Rodriguez, manages the Affiliate program for Superstore Electronics, which has some really amazing deals on computer equipment, check it out. I'm thinking a new keyboard for me! Another neat store he manages is called 5 Dollar Software. You guessed it, all software for $5. Some neat stuff here.
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Well, the official holiday shopping rush begins the day after tomorrow. If you're like me and my wife, the list of things and people to buy for grows each year. The hardest part is finding the time to shop. has almost everything you could want these days, which is great, so if you're going to do your online shopping someplace, that's a good start. Plus, they offer free shipping, so make a huge order and be done with it! However, I want you to consider Why? Because you can really find some special and unique items in their database. Give it a shot. You'll be surprised at what is out there. Happy Thanksgiving, and be safe in your travels.
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Welcome to my blog, new blog. I've been blogging so long I forgot when I started this thing.  However, a quick check from shows that I've been running this blog since August 2001. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you around more often. I'll try to keep it lively, fun and interesting. Of course, I've said that before. This time I mean it!