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Happy New Year! May 2004 bring you much success and happiness. Have you set your goals for the new year yet? Did you meet them from last year? I exceeded 90% of my goals in one aspect, but fell short on 2 big ones (accomplishments). Carry over!
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Marketing A Winner Mentality In Cleveland Sports This is just an excerpt of a more in depth piece I'm writing about the losing mentality of the Cleveland sports fan, and their inability to understand how winners think, and why they win. I give credit to those executives at the top of our sports institutions. It is not an easy job to breed positivity in a town that has lost so long, and 'suffered' so much through countless years with no championships. In the end, winners win, something we Cleveland sports fans must learn how to adapt to.
-------- AUTHOR: Jim Kukral DATE: 3:08 PM ----- BODY: DVD: Shogun (1980) My favorite Christmas present this year. Now I can watch all 10+ hours and special features over, and over, with remastered sound! What a few weeks the Kukral's had, whew! Almost every single night for the last 2 weeks has been booked with some type of event/party. Now it's time to relax. Wait, New Years Eve in two days...blah. I resolve to not get stressed about it today.
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Happy Holidays everyone. Be safe in your travels as well. Merry Christmas!!! Ho, Ho, Ho...
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Can Kucinich Win Without a Marketing Makeover? Looks do matter, and that's visual marketing. In this instance, we're talking about Presidential candidates. The people in this country are never going to vote in a person who doesn't 'match the look of thier presidential vision'. It's just not going to happen. So what's that vision? It's middle-aged, semi-grayed or all gray haired men. That is the marketing image that is ingrained into our brains. Do you think Roosevelt would have gotten elected if the country saw daily images of him in a wheelchair? I do not. Do you remember watching Clinton's hair (first election) go from hardly-gray, to almost completely gray by election day? This is visual marketing, and guess what, it means everything, especially in big politics. Kucinich doesn't stand a chance unless he gets on an episode of 'Conservative middle-aged white guy EYE for the left-winged nerd faced guy' television show.
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Flu Shot Marketing & Media My wife and I didn't buy into the 'flu shot hysteria' in the media. We did our research...we talked to doctors...we were well informed. We knew for sure that getting a flu shot wasn't going to really help us. The facts were there. We were'nt going to buy into the media hype and stand in long lines in the cold weather to get our shot. We refused to give in to this seasons' 'shark attacks' and 'killer bees' stories. So we didn't get the shot. So then we got the flu. What's the point? I still don't believe in the hype. The point is that as soon as my daughter caught the bug, I second guessed myself. I started to 'buy in' to the media hype. I began to feel guilty and say things to myself like, 'what's wrong with you? get your daughter the shot, maybe you're wrong'. The true power of the media shows itself in a story like this. If you get bombarded with a singular message, over and over...eventually, as much as you disagree with the message, you will eventually begin to second guess your beliefs. The instant you second guess your true belief, is the instant you lose, and the marketers win. Modern day media hype is effective marketing at its most basic evolutionary level...The slime of the marketing pool. And man, we all love to eat slime these days. Heh, tastes like chicken, or so they tell me.
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Jupiter Research Reports that One In Seven Consumer-Facing Web Sites has an Error on Their Home Page Severe Enough to Cause Visitor Defection Wow, what a shocker! Here's another shocker you may not have heard...If you jump off a tall building, you will die. I don't need a study to tell me what I already know: Poorly designed & implemented websites suck, and will hurt your business. This is not new information. These themes, and actual tips to help, are covered in my ClickZ column entitled 'U-G-L-Y, You Ain't Got No Alibi'.
-------- AUTHOR: Jim Kukral DATE: 12:23 PM ----- BODY: - Marketing Ideas Online Case Study OddTodd is a great example of how to market an idea online using viral marketing. The short story is as follows. When he (the creator of lost his job in 2001 from the burst, he decided to build a Flash movie about his "laid off" experience. The result was a home run Internet hit that perfectly grasped the employment situation of the day. The movie, now several of them, has been circulated around the Internet globe and continues to gather steam virally. Now don't think that you can just make a clever Flash movie and expect to have your idea achieve the viral success that has experienced. It's just not that easy. There were many factors involved. 1. Timing & Target - The message hit at the exact right time ( bubble burst), and was delivered to the exact right target (thousands who lost their jobs). 2. It Was Unique & Funny - There's no substitute for producing something that is, well, good. It's either good or it isn't. 3. Easy Delivery - Because of the Internet & email, and the widespread installation of Flash-enabled browsers, the delivery of the message was simple. For more, visit Dr. Wilson's website and get some real viral marketing examples.
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PowerPoint Presentations Online: No! Stop! Don't! I think this author is missing the point. It's not that Powerpoint presentations only suck online. It's that Powerpoint presentations suck, both offline, and online. Why? Powerpoint is just like any other tool. If the person using it isn't proficiently schooled & experienced in the art of the tool's intent, in this case information design, then the final outcome is almost always at a novice level. Powerpoint has its place, just like Microsoft Word, Excel and every other business utility software on the market. They are basic business tools designed for semi-trained office computer users. The results so far are ineffective meetings, snoring board room members, and the mass butchering of information on a grand scale across the entire business landscape.
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The ups and downs of show business And coming around the stretch is the capture of Sadaam...and the capture of Saddam takes the checkered flag! This is great news for Michael Jackson, and horrible news for that Flu epidemic that was about to kill everyone in America. Show business is a tough one guys, lots of ups and downs. Just ask the Killer bees and the shark attacks.
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Friday Fun - The Little Red Monkey! Warning...watching this will either cause you to scream, freak out, or laugh, or all 3 and more! Have a great weekend. The little red monkey will!
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Web usability evaluations - Web Critica This company has the right idea, at the right price! I'm not kidding here, I've closely evaluated this service and I honestly believe that the price ($300 or less) is extremely low for the value of the return given. If you have a website, no matter how good you 'think' it is, I highly suggest you drop a few hundred bucks and get this analysis done. If you have an e-commerce site, try the shopping cart review. Most shopping carts are horrible, and again, maybe you think yours is great, but it probably isn' my experience. This report will tell you how to make it work so sales don't suffer. Honestly, this service should cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. If you do buy it, please let me know how it helped you.
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The world's best salespeople do two things: 1. They know their audience before they make their pitch. 2. They work with their prospect to complete the sale, rather than trying to talk the prospect into buying. Your CEO is your first customer. If you sell your CEO on your good marketing plan, you will be allowed to carry it out. If you don't, your well-crafted plan will be adjusted by others the CEO trusts, regardless of their marketing experience. Taken from 'How to sell good marketing to your CEO', from, one of my favorites. Get this free report when you purchase anything at the SherpaStore. This piece reminds me an article I wrote entitled 'How To Sell Web Design To Your Boss', for
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NE Ohio Tech Revolution or Evolution? There's a spirited discussion happening over at CrainTech Cleveland about whether Cleveland is in a technology revolution, or evolution. I argue that it's neither really. My comments are on the thread.
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Get Skoobie'd! Nope, not like Scooby Doo. Skoobie is like using Overture for advertising pay per clicks, but for Bloggers instead I guess. Kinda neato. Give it a whirl, I will too.
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The BIG Blog Show! - The Internet's First Reality Blog! Well, the reality craze mayhem has finally hit the web. Be famous with the Internet's 1st Reality Blog Show.
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Retailing: Shoppers Demand Decent Design I've been saying this for years, so it's nice to finally see a study that backs it up. "A whopping 65 percent of the 1,100 U.S. Internet users that were surveyed won't patronize a poorly designed site — even that of a favorite brand — and 30 percent reported that Web site design is more important than a great product. Even rock-bottom prices only persuaded 4 percent to shop on a poorly designed Web site." Even that of a favorite brand! Imagine that, if you're a long time brand buyer of Sears, and you think is lame, you might go elsewhere because of the website. That's a very powerful statement for good design. I hate to say I told you so, but I did. Now I feel better.