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Bob Quits: Marketing An Idea Online What an fresh, and in my opinion extremely effective, way of showing the battle of how to quit smoking. The best part is, they're doing it by using the power of the Internet and online marketing. You'll be able to watch Bob and his battle to quit smoking all along the way, including a blog, and even some video of his life. I think this is an amazing way to educate people via the power of the Internet and a good marketing idea. The American Legacy Foundation should be applauded for this.
Hoping to ride the unfortunate popularity of reality television, the American Legacy Foundation is launching an ad campaign that will resemble a reality TV series. Launched yesterday, the campaign will follow "Bob," a New Yorker who is trying to quit smoking. Cameras will follow Bob at work and at home and record how he deals with his addiction and how he tries to quit. The campaign will appear on television and radio, in print and on billboards until February 22 but continue after that online. The web site will have a different film each day, charting Bob's course towards quitting, and Bob will maintain a weblog of his personal experiences as he takes the challenge.
If you haven't seen my weight loss blog which I've had up for a few weeks now, you should check it out. It's a similar idea to Bob Quits.
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Long Bets: In a Google search of five keywords or phrases representing the top five news stories of 2007, weblogs will rank higher than the New York Times' Web site. ] What a great argument, and an even better website (I voted yes by the way). makes predictions and poses "bets" that are argued point/counterpoint by outsiders. You can also weigh in on your belief and view a sampling of the results. This is truly a diamond in the rough of unoriginal and boring websites. A truly powerful marketing idea online. I'm impressed.
-------- AUTHOR: Jim Kukral DATE: 1:42 PM ----- BODY: - Unlocking The Mystery of the Business Brain This is a fantastic website I just found out about. I highly suggest you check it out and join the newsletter. The free articles are a must read as well.
Do you really understand how the marketing brain works? Are you harnessing its immense potential to make your business generate greater revenues? Wouldn't your strategy and tactics be vastly different, if you understood these psychological marketing ideas? If you don't understand the simplicity and predictability of the brain, a lot of your business could be walking out the door. And you may not even realise it! Here's your opportunity to learn the psychology behind what makes your customers' brain tick. Then you can use this information, to keep them stuck to you like glue!
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Here is the email that I got from Jakob Nielsen the other day, in response to my piece entitled 'Being Jakob Nielsen' in It was very nice of him to actually email me. I hope I'm not on some type of usability black list now.
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MarketingWonk: Channeling Jakob Nielsen picked up my column from Tuesday. Also, did I mention that I got an email from Jakob himself today? Stay tuned...
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Being Jakob Nielsen I wrote this column (link above) that was published in today's newsletter. Look, I think Jakob is great and the work he has done in the field is amazing. I felt the need to point out that being cheap isn't an excuse for poor design, especially for someone who professionally consults companies to do the exact opposite. It's cheaper than ever to get good web design these days. I wrote an article in 2002 entitled 'U-G-L-Y, You Ain't Got No Alibi...', for that outlined several cheap methods for purchasing quality web designs and finding inexpensive, yet qualified web designers. This isn't the first time I've taken on an opinion of Jakob's in writing. Last year I wrote this article, 'Is Flash More Usable Than It Was In 2000?', in response to an Alertbox column Jakob wrote in 2000 entitled, 'Flash: 99% Bad.' It's easy to target for the top, especially from us worms down here at the bottom. I love ya' Jakob, don't take it personally. Did I convince you to redo the site?
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MSNBC - Meet the Press Front Page Meet The Press just did an entire segment on the power of blogs in politics.
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Forrester Releases Top Technology Trends For 2004 Got this link from Chris Seper. I love trends. As a an entrepreneur/marketer, this kind of stuff gets my brain moving in high gear with ideas. Highlights include: * Linux finally get its due - Jim's summary: Sure, in inner circles of people in the know, Linux is nothing new. But in the mainstream of the world, Linux was a stupid cartoon penguin logo for some type of geek stuff that nobody they know used. * Don't treat IT guys poorly, they're becoming more and more important - Jim's summary: Bad news for the geek squad as IT illiterate MBA's will make a big push to fill these new and coveted roles within big organizations. * ISP's and PC makers cut prices even more for market share - Jim's summary: This is great, cut those costs! The only problem with this is that they'll all probably move into more of the "mail in rebate" model. So, buy this computer for $499, but $400 of it is in a 4 part mail in rebate process.
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Nielsen lists top 10 important sites to mark web's decade "LONDON – Nielsen//NetRatings has drawn up a list of the 10 websites and internet applications that it says have had the greatest impact on the web and on society, to mark the first 10 years of the internet as a mass medium in the UK. " Ok, so it's UK ranked. Don't you care what the Brits think? 1. Google 2. eBay 3. Microsoft Outook 4. AOL Instant Messanger 5. Napster 6. Amazon 7. Friends Reunited - Never heard of it. 8. EasyJet - Never heard of it. 9. Kelkoo - Never heard of it. 10. Blogger Not so different from us I bet. Except for a few that aren't on our radar screen yet.
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Top Yahoo! Searches 2003 Google's Top Searches This kind of information is an online marketer's dream. Basically, it gives a break down of the biggest 'searched for' things from 2003. I love it because it gives insight on A. How people search online, and B. What they are searching for...on a grand scale. These are the super-mega searched for items...the searches that return the highest level of visitor traffic and drive the most sales online. Now imagine if you could build a website that attracted these types of 'mega-searches'? You could do very well financially because of the gigantic amount of web traffic you would generate. The trick is picking the trends out ahead of time and needling your way in to an already overcrowded space. See any trends from 2003? I do. Trend #1 - Pop Culture, Weight Loss and MP3 File Sharing still take top honors. People like to listen to free music and pop diet pills while looking at pictures of Britney. Trend #2 - War is huge. News is getting bigger. More and more people are relying on the Internet to give them their news. Trend #3 - Not really a trend, but more of a given. Sex still sells...very well. Trend #4 - Hype works even more than before in search. See the Paris Hilton chart. Hardly anyone knew who she was before her "sex tape" came out, and even after, until the hype really got moving along with her show, did the searching really start to reach mega levels. Summary: Basically, if you watch E! Entertainment, Entertainment Tonight, Nightline, 60 Minutes, CNN, MSNBC, and MTV, you should be able to determine the trends of 2004 search.