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Interactivity in Video Ads: Marketing Online, It's Turning Into TV As the technology grows and bandwidth grows with it, the use of video is becoming more and more commonplace online these days. It's still in use most by big budget companies, but the times are changing. The above article highlights some online companies that are using video to 'interact' with their marketing audience. It's flashy, but it just may work online.
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The Apprentice Tv Show #1 Fan Site - YOUREFIRED.ORG:
"600 hopefuls work hard for chance to be hired (or fired) by Trump ... Cleveland Plain Dealer"
So, did you try to get on this show? If so, I'd love to hear about the experience.
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Suburban-TrunkMonkey Now this is some funny stuff. A bit too edgy to be used by any real company, but nevertheless, a great marketing idea online. This will be viral, heck, that's how I got it.
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Niche Commerce, Inc. - Specialty Online Retailers This is a great example of how to niche sell products online. Basically, the company Niche Commerce works with a large retail company that offers many different, but the same, types of products. For example, a store like Bed, Bath & Beyond offers bedding stuff, bath stuff and other household stuff. Niche Commerce would work with them to separate and build niche product oriented online stores for them instead of them having one gigantic online store with everything in one spot. Why is this good? For several reasons.
  1. Search engines absolutely love specific content delivered by highly niched websites. Especially when compared to one-stop product aggregated shops. Why? Because niche shops are specific, and the goal of searching is to find something specific.
  2. Credibility. If you were going to buy a set of chairs for your back patio, are you most likely to trust and buy them from a company that specializes in lawn chairs only, or a company that specializes in Dartboards and also sells lawn chairs? Pricing being the same, a consumer is going to choose the company that acts as the expert above the company that isn't.
Niche is key in online marketing/ecommerce. Sure, large aggregators and superstores like Target and Wal-Mart do make money and do sell lots of products online. is proven that niche sites outperfom in the long run, at least for now. On a similar, but different train of thought...Eventually, the only players that won't be pushed aside in the search game will be the companies that can afford to pay the ever-growing gigantic search engine advertising costs. Think of it in terms of Television. Can the local mom and pop shop in your town afford a 30 second spot during Friends? No, just as your small local retail record shop won't be able to afford a link on Google's first page in a few years. The monetization of search is cresting the mountain. There's still time to grab a few Benjamins with niche marketing techniques...but hurry.
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StoliBrides: Marketing Ideas Online Case Study Another shining example of how to use an online idea to market a product. Brilliant! Click the link above to see what I mean. Make sure you perform a search all the way through. It may look like questionable material, but it's harmless, don't worry. This marketing idea is also set up to be viral, by including a 'mail to a friend to win' at the end of the search experience. A very nice job indeed. This website should travel far within the inboxes of men across the world. Great job Stolichnaya!
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StopFCC.Com - The campaign for free speech. Sign this petition. I've yet to meet one person who really supports what is happening these days with the FCC and censorship. Have you? Where are these people? Or is this just another media driven shark attack gone wildly out of control? Regardless, the fact does remain that we are now pushing the envelope of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution with these FCC regulations, which is by it's very nature a very American thing to do. Personally, as an American, this makes my blood boil. As a marketer, it scares the you know what outta me. How long before the FCC decides that my or your marketing messages are offensive because they disagree with their set of 'American values'? To think that one boob could cause all this. Sometimes I wonder when the next Tea Party is going to be? Probably not until we really try to take the guns, or when they try to take American Idol & Oprah off the air.
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NE Ohio CrainTech: State of the Internet in Cleveland?
Rick Miller of Things Rememberd, David Hadley, the chief technology officer of DeepGreen Bank and Len Pagon, chief executive of the IT consulting firm Brulant will speak at the program to be held at Windows on the River from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Chris Thompson, editor of CrainTech will moderate the panel discussion."
In the interest of trying to NOT be negative, let me ask you...How is this 'discussion' helping anyone? I forsee a room full of competitors sitting around listening to each other whine and moan about the 'job' that left town, while the misc. sales guys vulture above the rest of the audience (client-side road kill). What a waste of an afternoon? I know for a fact that service work for local Internet companies has picked up significantly lately. Just ask my former boss Ron Copfer, or see that my other former boss, Howard Cleveland, just added several people on staff. That's proof enough that "the state of the Internet in Cleveland" is looking up. The question still remains. How will a discussion amongst competitors accomplish anything? We now return you to the normal marketing discussion.
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Rhetorica: Bush's 911 Ad Controversy This post begins my delve into the subject: Marketing and the race for the white house 2004. I'm fascinated, and frustrated, by the marketing that takes place in politics. Face it, elections are won and lost by who has the best marketing team. It's foolish to think otherwise. Sure it's sometimes about the poltics, but if you really look deep at Americans, you can see that image is everything. This is a country of popular opinion and widespread ignorance when it comes to matters of politics, and man, those factors make marketing much, much easier to do. I'll post more about this in the future. Here's my problem with the Bush 911 ad. From a marketing standpoint, of course he should use the 911 tragedy in his campaign to get re-elected. However, it is up to you to decide why it is ok for him to use it 'just to get re-elected'? Because that's what that ad is; just for him to get re-elected. There is no other reason to run that ad but to make him look good. Translation: good marketing.
-------- AUTHOR: Jim Kukral DATE: 2:59 PM ----- BODY: > The Apprentice 2 > Apply Now Think you can match business wits with Donald Trump? Apply now for the second season of The Apprentice. I don't know what it is about this show amongst the other reality crap on television, but I like it. Perhaps it's because 'the Donald' is really sticking to being what made him successful in the first place...being an arrogant jerk who expects nothing but the best. I've worked for several start-ups, and one of the biggest things I've learned is that you NEED to have a person like Trump in the power/visionary position, or you will crash and burn. They don't have to be arrogant, just deliberate and passionate. That's what it takes to be super successful.
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You Might Be a Snob-Blogger If... I wrote this the other day as a funny look at all of us in the blogsphere. Yes, me too.
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Comments about my ebook, BlogsToRiche$ As promised, here's a page dedicated to all my friends who love to hate me and my ebook (without having read it). Thanks for all the publicity gang! I love blind criticism, it's so fun to read and pity at the same time. Does this mean I'm officially Internet famous?
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Bloggers Are A Tough Crowd Ever since I started selling and promoting my ebook, BlogsToRiche$, I've been monitoring the links back to my site via my webstats. Why? Because I like to see what people are saying about me and my book. Bloggers especially. I can tell you one thing. I'm getting a lot of commentary from other bloggers about it. 90% of it is negative tripe from bloggers that despite having not read the book, feel the need to comment about how "it sucks dude" and how I must be a scammer of some sort. It's ok, I can take the criticism. In fact, I welcome it. If you're ignorant enough to comment about a book that you haven't read, well, then you are, um, a blogger I guess. And now for my bitter, immature and vindictive comment: Please keep linking to my book from your blogs. You are only pushing more sales to me by the day. So there! Tonight I'm going to build an entire page on this site dedicated to linking and displaying all the websites that talk about me and my book. It's fun to share! Till then...