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Friday Off-Topic Post... Has anyone noticed the changing face of journalism these days when it comes to politics? It's like one big political, or Entertainment Tonight. 'Tonight on PT, Political Tonight, our Chris Matthews sits down with John Kerry's doorman from 1980-1982. He'll get the inside scoop on Kerry's big secret. Turns out he never used to use Heinz Ketchup." Producer edited sound bite of Kerry: "I don't like ketchup".  Then Theresa chimes in on the issue, "Shove it", she says to her husband. "Wow, sounds like Chris has one heck of a story there, we'll check in with him later. For now, here's tonight's top story. 'Is Obama related to Osama?' At least one group of right-wing activists say that he's got something to hide about his name." Journalists used to write about the issues and report on what candidates represented. Today however, it seems journalists only write about the politics of politics. It's the ultimate concert show, with journalists acting as gossip columnists who are more concerned with what's going on backstage, then what is spewing from the mouths of the performers, and most importantly, how those messages really effect the people who hear them.
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A Few Thoughts On Branding... I posted these comments on a bulletin board at first, but I felt them appropriate to share here as well. Branding isn't defined by ad impressions viewed on an affiliate site, or reach, or click-throughs. Branding isn't your logo on a partner site. Branding isn't a ppc campaign or a 30-second spot on Friends. Branding is so much bigger. Branding is the the overall experience. Branding is the take-away, immediate or over-time. Branding is the living, breathing green goo that sticks to your hands and either smells good, or smells bad. You end up saying, "Get this disgusting green goo off my hand, quick!" Or, "This green goo is fantastic, try some." Google didn't become the #1 Internet brand by tv, radio, billboard, pizza box ad, bus sign or sky writing. Google did it because the overall experience was better, faster, stronger than the rest. That's how you build a brand.
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Affiliate Marketing Plan Builder Ebook - My Affiliate Program The name of the company I work for is KowaBunga! Technologies. We make MyAP, My Affiliate Program Affiliate Tracking and Management software, amongst other things. Basically, the best way to explain it is that we make software that allows people who sell things online the ability to create a team of "virtual salespeople" called affiliates, who recommend their products on their own websites for a piece of the action if a sale is made, or a lead is generated. I won't go into a long post about it, but if you ever have any questions about it, just give me a ring. Oh yeah, we're offering a download of our free ebook, 'The Affiliate Marketing Plan Builder'. So if you're interested in this business, you should definitely download it and take a look. Word to the wise, if you sell online and you're not doing affiliate marketing yet, you're missing out on what some companies have found to be up to 35% of their revenues. How's that for a successful sales channel?
-------- AUTHOR: Jim Kukral DATE: 7:51 PM ----- BODY: - Jones: Press credentials don't make bloggers journalists The arrogance. Who said bloggers wanted to be journalists anyway? We don't. I'd rather read a blog story than a boring inverted pyramid news wire story, wouldn't you?
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So you want to be an email superstar, huh? If so, you'd better learn the nitty gritty details of what subject lines work best, and how to phrase your links for better click-throughs, and...what day to send your spam, cough, I mean email. : Practical News & Case Studies on Internet Advertising, Marketing & PR: "How's Monday for you? According to a new study by email marketing firm eROI (released exclusively today to EmailSherpa), Monday might actually be the best day to send marketing email, even though Tuesday and Wednesday are now the prime days. eROI studied results from more than 7.7 million commercial messages sent over 30-days by more than 6,000 marketers from a wide range of industries. The result? Currently email recipients actually open and click a lot more on Monday."
With my job as the Director of Emarketing/Brand Manager for KowaBunga!, I send several newsletters and promotional mailings to close to 50,000 subscribers every month. Believe me, it's hard to improve your numbers, so when the experts pull out the stats, you'd better pay attention if you want to succeed. The downside to this kind of report is that people like me read it and change their email delivery date to match. So prepare to receive plenty of email on Monday's now. :)
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Viral Marketing: AtomFilms - This Land The creators of this viral masterpiece are the long-time experts over at Jib-Jab. These guys have been doing viral, before it was called viral, and doing it well. I remember their first few animations that came out about 4 years ago. Too bad they aren't on their site anymore. Anyway, watch the movie above. Not only is it extremely well-done, it's timely and dead-on target. You've got the pulse guys. You want to do viral, this is how.
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Exposing click fraud CNET So, are you as paranoid as I am? Don't let the click fraud bug bite.
"The practice, known as 'click fraud,' began in the early days of the Internet's mainstream popularity with programs that automatically surfed Web sites to increase traffic figures...some marketing executives estimate that up to 20 percent of fees in certain advertising categories continue to be based on nonexistent consumers in today's search industry."
I thought this type of fraud had gone away years ago. Now I see that my paranoia stands justified. Up to 20 percent? Imagine if you spend $100,000 on Google Adwords per year and 20 percent of that was stolen away from you. Frightening. Note: there are people who spend that much per month.   Once again, technology proves that it's a fertile breeding ground for the scum of the earth. Maybe you don't spend money on online advertising...yet, so you're not affected. But you will be soon enough.    The future is in the computer screen and the advertising is following. I don't care if you're a brick and mortar neighborhood store that sells, well...bricks. Eventually, you're going to spend money to advertise online if you want to stay in business.
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So here I am, back from my week-long family vacation in Destin, Florida...sitting here at 12:06 on a Sunday morning...posting a blog message while my highlighted hair grows out and my bronzish semi-tan slowly fades away.   What's wrong with this picture?   Nothing really I guess. I went 7+ days without touching a computer, I need a fix, so here I am.     How does Jim wind down after vacation? I sit here for about 3 hours going through 2,000+ emails searching for the 2 percent of them that I actually read and need to respond to. Then I figured I'd better stop by here and give y'all (as they say in Florida, and um...everywhere nowadays I guess) an update about what's new inside my head. Here's a few tidbits about my vacation.

I hope y'all are experiencing your own type of summer fun. My time has come and gone. It's time to dig in and refocus on things I need to focus on. What are those things anyway? I'll try Monday. :p

-------- COMMENT-AUTHOR:Anonymous COMMENT-DATE:12:35 AM COMMENT-BODY:Wow, Jim. It would appear from a close eyeballing of this family photo that your wife is something of a hottie. Who'd have thunk that an old slob like you could land such a babe (my apologies to Mrs. Kukral. Lord knows she's got enough to handle already)...
John Ettorre -------- COMMENT-AUTHOR:Anonymous COMMENT-DATE:7:59 PM COMMENT-BODY:Yes, I did in fact get lucky. Any day now she'll wake up and run away from me and my hunchback. -------- AUTHOR: Jim Kukral DATE: 12:36 PM ----- BODY:
I'm a horrible blogger these days. All bloggers go through it. It's what I like to call "Blapse". A term I invented which is defined as the lapse of time beteween blog entries. Blapse usually occurs during the summer for me. I've been doing this blog in one format or another for over 3 years now, so I see the pattern. It's nice outside, things are slow with the news, etc... Thanks for bearing with me. I promise that in a few weeks I'll be blogging more. Have a great summer and try to avoid the blapse if you can.
u sed u invented da word "blapse" but u didnt. a small community of thugs in east london have been using da slang word "blapse" 4 years. it means punch, i.e. "im going 2 blapse u that man. --------