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HubLog: Things Google knows about you This list goes out to all you paranoid techno-geeks out there. You know who you are. Down the rabbit hole...
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So I've been doing a lot of research on Corporate Blogging lately as I'm putting one together for my company. There is some great information out there. Below are a few links in case you're thinking about it for your company as well. For now though, I'll leave you with this comment that sums the situation up between a corporate blog, and a personal blog, from Corporate blogging [dive into mark], who by the way writes a corporate blog for IBM.
A corporate blog is just like a personal blog, except you don't get to use the word "motherfucker."
Too true, and too funny. Corporate Blogs Make Personal Connection The Corporate Blogging Manifesto I'll keep you posted when my corporate blog goes live for KowaBunga!
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How Do You Conduct An Email Campaign When Your Product Is SPAM?
As you may imagine, as the makers of the edible-variety of SPAM, Hormel wasn't eager to jump into email marketing. There was just too much room for a message to spiral out of viral control if jokesters got a hold of a creative promoting SPAM via email.
Very funny and informative.
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Internet Users: A Day in the Life, Part 1 Want to know what the majority of people "do" on the Internet? Well, here you go. Important for entrepreneurs or trend-watchers. As you can see, it's integrating directly into our daily lives in a big way. It can only get bigger.
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Is your cat a target for password-stealing hackers? -
Despite increased awareness about the need for secure passwords, internet users are still leaving themselves vulnerable to hackers by choosing easy to guess subjects such as their cat or partner's name.
I honestly hope you aren't one of these people? Do you want to get ripped off???
The favourites are nicknames (21 per cent), birthdays and anniversaries (15 per cent), pet names (15 per cent), family members' names (14 per cent) and memorable dates such as the Battle of Hastings and England's World Cup victory (seven per cent). Thankfully very few people (two per cent) use 'password' as their password.
Nowadays, you might have a handful of passwords, and it's tough to keep them straight. I highly advise you DO NOT use the same password for the same sites. And you should change your passwords contstantly, perhaps every few months.
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You're a chicken.

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PhotoStamps: Great Idea
PhotoStamps is an exciting new service that allows you to create your own customized postage. Whether you have a wedding to announce, a new baby in the family or a business to promote, PhotoStamps are a fun and easy way to add a personal touch to all of your mailings.
What a great idea. I saw this on the news tonight and I was blown away by the concept. Personalization is such a powerful tool.
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Moore-trepreneurs, Cashing In On Michael Moore Time for some blatent self-promotion. I wrote this piece to expose the hypocrisy that exists with profiteers using Michael Moore's name and fame to fill their own pockets. Politics aside, I hope you see the point here. This isn't about left/right. This is about right/wrong. I despise hypocrisy. It make my blood boil. Enjoy! :0
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Sign up for CBClicks ... FREE Speaking of viral marketing, here's another really cool viral product. It's called CBClicks and if you have a website, you should join for free. All you need is a ClickBank ID. I'm running it on this site right now as a trial, and so far, it's exceeding my expectations. Don't be scared by the salesy type website. You're not going to get scammed, and nobody is asking for money. Simply sign up and start putting the code on your website today, that's it.
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Viral: Bad Karma I'm finding a lot of viral marketing lately that is impressing me. Why? It works. Check out this latest one I've found. Have an idea for a viral marketing movie? I've been thinking about this. Why not find a local film school/university in your area and find young aspiring directors to do it for free? I bet you get a long list of takers looking to do the whole thing for you for credit.
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Will Ferrell - A message from White House West Will Ferrell is hands-down the best George W. Bush impersonator on the planet. This funny little movie is yet another viral marketing gem.