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A Moment To Step Aside From Marketing
register to vote

Ohioans, and all USA citizens. This is your last chance to register to vote. The registration deadline in Ohio is this Monday, October 4th. This will be the most important election of our lifetimes. Regardless of your political affiliation, or even more importantly, if you haven't decided which fence to swing on, you MUST take your given right to choose. Registering takes just a few minutes, honestly, it's not that hard, and you can begin to feel like a responsible citizen of our great country, instead of just a citizen who doesn't care. Register here, now! Once you've filled out the form, print it out, sign it, and be sure to mail it in. That's it. Step up. It's your duty as an American to vote.

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The "Design" Part of Search-Friendly Design
U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi

I've been preaching this for years. 'U-G-L-Y, You Ain't Got No Alibi' for back in 02' is only one of my discussions on this topic. Summary: You can go ahead and make an ugly page that'll be found #1 on Google for "baby formula". But if that page is ugly and not trustworthy, it's a waste of time. Experience matters. Trust is earned through design as well.

Many skills go into creating a user-friendly, search-friendly, persuasive site that converts. Programmers and developers make a site functional. Artists and designers create color schemes and page layouts. Usability professionals ensure that pages make sense to end users. Copywriters create persuasive and search-friendly content. For search-friendly site design, don't forget the design element. It can make a huge impact on a site's ROI.
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The Grok's Biggest Gripes
shopping cart gripes

This is great stuff if you have a shopping cart and you want to know why people aren't buying.

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thousands will enter, two will win

Jim and James are giving away $200k (of their own $$$) at because they are rich internet geeks who believe in the Wisdom of Crowds. Thousands will enter, two will win.

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Google Ultimate Interface - Fagan Finder
"want to get specific with a search? here's your chance"

So you thought you were the Google master huh? You thought you were using Google to its fullest right? Well, you thought wrong. This interface (as overwhelming as it is) is the ultimate set of Google search functions. Want to get specific with a search? Here's your chance.

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Support Cleveland Based Businesses: Banyan Tree In Tremont
Next time you run into Tremont, or have dinner at Lola, make sure you walk across the street and visit The Banyan Tree store. This Cleveland based store has quietly grown into THE place to shop for unique items for gifts and more. For now though, you can visit their brand new ecommerce store where you can shop from your living room, including the ability to add your wedding registry. and support Cleveland businesses!
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Eyetrack III - Advertising: "Observations on Advertising" This research article focuses on online advertising techniques that work, and don't work. This is a must read for anyone involved in online marketing, and even design/html construction. Great article, but too long to put it all up here.
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Top Blogs That'll Never Get Made, But We'd Like To Read Here's a little fun piece I put together...
It seems like everyone is starting his or her own weblog these days. From politicians, to celebrities, to average Joe's and Jane's living all around the world, blogging provides them with an outlet for their thoughts. An instant voice that can carry around the globe. But one of the biggest problems with the litany of blogs out there is that they aren't interesting enough. That's why I've created this list of the top blogs I'd like to read, but will probably never get made.
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See That Banner Up Top? It's not news to me, but might be to you. It's time to get with the program. The new banner sizes are what's working now. Check the Internet Advertising Bureau for all specific guidelines.
The hot new thing is the 728 x 90 leaderboard. Its use on web sites grew 384 percent during the second quarter as compared with the same period in 2003. That's according to DoubleClick, the online ad serving and marketing company. The leaderboard was just introduced last year, and it's already the No. 2 size, says Kathryn Koegel, director of research and industry development for DoubleClick. Most content sites have switched from 468 x 60 to 728 x 90, and it has made advertisers happy because they have a broader palate to work with, says Koegel.