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An Unusual Friday Morning
This morning I was greeted by a man with a M16 and a smile

I'd like to share my morning with you (non marketing related). As you may or may not know, I share a large studio space with a photographer. To get to my office, I have to walk through the photographer's studio, where often times he's in the middle of a photo shoot shooting various things like ball bearings, space heaters or boxes of chocolates for catalogs. But, there's the occasional day when I walk in to a 'different' kind of shoot. This was one of those days. This morning I was greeted at my door by a man in a turtleneck, holding an M16 and a smile. "Good morning," he said to me as I stood there in shock. Let me backtrack a bit here. The reason I didn't run and scream down the hall like a little girl is because my landlord, Hal the photographer, is a huge hunter. So... it's not unusual to think that one of his cronies is visiting the studio which happens from time to time. Hal's studio has the walls littered with various animal heads. (Note: Hal is a great guy, and I have nothing against hunters, especially ones like Hal who are responsible and respectable hunters/gun-owners.) But that doesn't change the fact that I have serious anti-gun beliefs. On with the story... So, on the way to my office I stop to pick up some coffee in the kitchen. As I arrive, I see two women having makeup put on by a professional makeup artist (no guns I could see yet). They had unplugged the coffee pot for their hair curler :( As I walked out with my coffee, I joked, "Did you all bring your own guns?". Much to my surprise, neither laughed, and the brunette one patted her bag and said, "I did", with a serious grin. It turns out that my studio-mate is shooting the 2005 'Girls with Guns' calendar. Ah yes, here's me, probably the biggest anti-gun person you've ever met, spending a day with scantily-clad women wearing camo, holding semi-automatic weapons. Yes, yes, I get to sit here in my office hoping that some bikini-bimbo doesn't accidentally squeeze off a round during a pose that will come flying through my heavily-enforced drywall hand-built wall, and come zipping into my skull. So if you're in the neighborhood and want to share my day with me, please stop by, but leave your gun at home, we have plenty here.

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Brand Republic - Why US brands should fear a Bush victory
Should American brand managers be rooting for John Kerry in the imminent presidential elections? They probably should, except that few of them will realise just how negatively President Bush, and to an extent the whole US, is now perceived in the wider world. To many Americans, President Bush is homely, straightforward, down-to-earth -- one of them. To the rest of the world, Europeans in particular, Bush appears plain stupid. And four years after somehow managing to become president, it still seems remarkable that someone incapable of answering the simplest of questions when he runs out of briefing and script should hold the most powerful office on earth.
Whether you believe it or not, he's right. The rest of the world sees us differently. Our brand is suffering. So the big question to you is... Do you care what they think or not? Or more importantly, should we?
-------- COMMENT-DATE:1:03 AM COMMENT-BODY:It really should not matter as long as our world image is such that we are the super-power. The force that helps all when in need and sets all trends before and after the fact. However, you are on a slippery slope whenver you are at the mercy of others' perceptions.
great stuff!
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Who Wants My Blazer? Live in Cleveland? You can buy my car. It's a great price for a great, well kept, and reliable family car.
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Can You Name That Slogan?
What separates a good ad slogan from a poor one? David Droga, worldwide executive creative director for French ad agency Publicis, says slogans work best when they reflect "not only the soul of the brand, but the company itself and its reason for being in business." Contemporary catch-phrases, he says, "just crumble into dust."
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60% use instant messaging services

The new study examines the consumer behavior, experiences and satisfaction of Internet service subscribers with online services, including instant messaging, portals/start pages, search functions and e-mail services.

Nearly 60% of residential Internet service subscribers are also users of an instant messaging service, according to a new study from J.D. Power and Associates. Among online search providers, 45% of respondents say they primarily use Google, while 22% use Yahoo Search, 10% use MSN Search, 7% use AOL Search, 6% primarily use the Internet address bar, 3% use Ask Jeeves, and 4% use others. Top-rated search functions include Google, Ask Jeeves, and Yahoo Search.
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MSNBC Hardblogger: A Good Example of Blogging's Future Politically speaking, there's a powderkeg about to go off in blog land. It got lit when we went to Iraq when hundreds of thousands started their own blog journals. Today, the explosion looms more evident with the past summer conventions of both parties, now the debates (tonight), and finally the election (coming soon). How far will it go? What will blogging look like a year from now? No one can say for sure, but I can't wait to find out.