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The Blog Is Retiring I hate to admit it, but my personal blog you are reading right now never held my passion. Having blogged since 2001 or so, I've tried several types of blogs right here on this domain name and many others. I used to write about personal day-to-day stuff. Then I switched to writing about online marketing. Blogging is a lot of do it well that is. All good experiences over the years, but looking back at them, they all lacked one major thing: passion. If I've learned one thing about myself these past few years is that you will not succeed unless you focus on the things you have passion for. For me, right now, those things are entrepreneurism...specifically blogging. So out of that passion, and my experiences over the last few years messing around with the blogosphere, comes The unofficial new operating mission for BlogKits is as such: BlogKits focuses on building relationships between businesses, bloggers & readers. What exactly does that mean specficially? Well, you're just going to have to stay tuned to the new blog to find out. So goodbye to this blog for now. Please update your bookmarks to the following blog at The rest of this website will remain in tact for now. See you around the blogosphere. Regards, Jim Kukral

Just thought I'd add this.
I found it quite funny to read then come here and find you have decided to end it. -------- COMMENT-DATE:1:08 AM COMMENT-BODY:I have enjoyed not only your seemingly humurous candor, but your straightforward writing. You certainly have a knack at getting to the point and I love your marketing ideas. Hope to see you in the blogosphere.
cheers to your success,
faxless loan guy -------- COMMENT-AUTHOR:Barbara Payne COMMENT-DATE:1:17 PM COMMENT-BODY:Hey, Jim. Thanks for the referral! (--can't seem to find your email so I've resorted to posting a comment).

Sad to see this blog go, but great to see your fertile imagination has created the new Blogkits service--a boon to all bloggers who work hard and wish they could make more money at it!

Will keep my eye on Blogkits for sure. In fact, email me and I'll write it up on Capitalist Cleveland.

Barbara --------