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Alex Tew’s Pixelotto A Rip Off?

Tonight I got an email from Peter who owns The Quest For The Million site (aff link). He claims in his blog that Alex Tew has ripped off his idea and created Pixelotto.

It’s basically what we came out with in the summer of 2006. The big difference is that Alex’s site looks cheaper, has no affiliate program, and not even a blog. How lame can you get? So here’s the deal. We’re cheaper, we were first, and we have an affiliate program.


Perhaps Peter, but what you need to do right now is block and tackle and get your word out. You can’t stop him from having a similar idea, and your “proof” is not worth anything legally, unless of course you have some kind of patented trademark on the process?

If I was you right now, I’d be using his name to help sell your idea to the press. There’s a story here? Keep it positive though. Nobody wants to help out some angry person.

Note: Being original is not always the only key to success. We put up and we were completely original and first, etc… But we had competitors (sorta) pop up in less than 4 weeks. None as good though. I always want competition, because it makes me work harder to make my product better.

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