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Calling All Bloggers: I’ll Pay You $5.00 To NOT Write About Pay Per Post

If you can’t beat em, join them, right? I’ve given up on the Pay Per Post issue. It’s apparant that they’ve sold their soul to the blogosphere publicity devil and cannot be stopped. I mean, c’mon, is this the 3rd or 4th Techcrunch story on them? I’ve never, ever seen coverage like this. Am I wrong?


It appears that I need to fight fire with fire. So…

I’m going to pay you $5.00 to NOT write about PayPerPost.

That’s right, all you have to do is NOT WRITE ABOUT PAYPERPOST.COM, ever, and I will gladly give you your very own really awesome page at my site for free ($5.00 value).

Sorry Mr. Arrington, you have already been disqualified, several times. :o

Want to particpate? Here’s how:

1. Never write about PPP, ever. Never link to them, or even mention them in your blog. Ignore them.
2. Fill out the form below to get your free awesome account.

You agree to never write about again? Yes

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