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Cuban Chumps Trump! Here’s Why Trump Doesn’t Need A Blog

Mark Cuban couldn’t resist jumping into the fray by calling out his ole’ buddy ‘The Donald’ on his blog today.


Now T the C on the other hand, well Donald, your blog sucks. Its actually pretty embarrasing. First of all, rule number one of blogging Donald is that you are the one that is supposed to write the posts on the blog. Less than half the posts on the front page of the blog have your name as the author let alone are written by you . Blogs are supposed to be personal, not corporate Donald.

Yeah, his blog does suck, but you know what? I would argue that some people don’t need blogs, and Donald is one of them. Trump has a plan and it works, and he don’t need no stinkin’ blog to keep it working. Here’s how Trump operates:

1. He overloads you with his brands, literally so much that you just can’t see through it all and your mind just gives in.

2. Then, when he’s attacked, he hits back… harder.

3. Wash, rinse, repeat.

It’s like being in a cult where they brainwash you. You know what? It works, very well. Gotta give him credit for it.

It’s because of that methodology that he doesn’t need a blog, and I argue that him even having a blog would hurt that system he has in place. A blog is to show transparency, and that my friends is in direct odds with Trump’s branding mantra.