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Pixelotto Early Screenshot Revealed!

Yesterday I wrote about Alex Tew’s new “idea” which is at the time of the blog entry about 4-days away from launch. Today, someone has posted a screenie of it with a few pixels already sold. It looks like the MDHP, but really, really purple.


Techcrunch is in a day late on the story here (that’s not a dig, just a fact). They think it’s stupid. We’ll see.

Alex Tew, the mastermind behind The Million Dollar Homepage is most certainly pressing his luck. Tew sold one million pixels worth of advertisement for $1 per pixel and made $1 million. It worked so well that he thinks he can do it again, this time for twice the price.

Tew is reportedly on the verge of launching a second site called Pixelotto. Instead of selling each pixel for $1, he plans to sell each pixel for $2, plus hold some kind of lottery where the winner who clicks the right advertisement will win $1 million.

I will gladly eat my words if Tew can pull this off but I just don’t think that lightning strikes twice. It was a good idea…once! Second time around, it’s not, as Michael Arrington calls it, “another stupid, brilliant idea.” It’s just a stupid idea.

I’m still intrigued, however, I agree with the commentors and buzz from most people that I wish he would have done something original, or at the very least not about pixels, which are so played.

Blatent sellout advertisement for myself: Go visit an original idea that is better than the MillionDollarHomePage.