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Pixelotto Is Alive – Will You Win The Million?

I was skeptical at first, but after seeing the new Pixelotto idea in action, I think it’s going be another home run. The site went live this morning.


Here’s why it’s better/different. Because he’s giving away 1 Million bucks to someone (the ad clickers, not the ad buyers), and all they have to do is click on the ads. You max out at 10 entries per day. I clicked on 10 ads today and it took me less than a minute. So assuming the site sells out in 6 months, it works out as follows.

Time invested per day: 1 minute x
6 Months = Approximately 180 days
= 180 minutes of time spent for a chance at 1 million dollars

So that’s 3 hours of my time invested over the next 6 months for a chance at a million bucks. That’s a way better investment than the lottery.

I’ll be talking about this on my radio show today at 1pm, EST. Tune in! Specifically, I want to cover why this is going to work, and that is because of hype, and more importantly, value.

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