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Show Me Your Business Card, & I’ll Show You Mine

Sam tagged me to show off my business card. The problem is that I have 3 business cards at the moment (, ReveNews & Forge/BlogKits), and they’re all pretty boring. So instead of scanning in those cards and showing them here, I figured I’d just design a new card that encapsulated my primary projects and contact information, specifically built for giving out at trade shows.


The idea behind this card design is to A.) Show my face so people remember me, B.) Remind the person who I represent and C.) Give the person a reminder and note area to notate what they need to follow up with me about.

Nothing fancy Nancy. Sorta similar to Shawn’s card, but less busy.

So now I gotta tag three peeps eh? Ok, I tag the following.

Eric Marcoullier of Mybloglog

Wade Tonkin of AffiliateWarrior

Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends

You will burn in heck for starting this Harrelson, by the gods!

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