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Would You Change Your Name For $30k?

This guy would, and will, officially on Groundhog Day in 07.


My name is Scott MacDonald (for now) and on February 2nd, 2007 I will change my name to whatever the highest bidder decides!

I think this is is pretty clever, and heck, it’s working too. The current bid is $36,789.10 to change his name to “Finest Freshest Fastest” by a company called CupOJoeOnline.com. I can’t imagine paying that kind of money for a publicity stunt without guarantees that I’d get the warranted publicity, but… you never know, if this blows up like the MDHP they win out big time long-run. Still though, try explaining that media buy to your board of investors.

Hats off to Scott for a creative marketing idea. I’d try this scheme, but then someone would end up making me change my name to “Fukral”, so I’d be Fukral Kukral.

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