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Best New Web 2.0 Company Ever! Useless Account!

Ok, I don’t think it’s as funny as my, but it’s pretty darn funny.
Get an account at Via Techcrunch.


The trick to any good humor or hoax site is an attention to detail and a seriousness about your work. Useless Account is the best recent example I’ve seen. It’s clear, for example, that more work has gone into this joke than many of the startups we see every day.

The site has a single function – to create a new account. “Open ID is a pipe dream” the site argues, which also has a fake quote from “TechLunch” that says “Slightly more useful than Twitter.” Once you’ve created your account, you can log in, and edit your account. That’s it. The reason this is really, really funny (for us) is because that’s what we do all day – create new account after new account at every new Internet startup that comes along. I am a seriously huge expert on account creation.

Pretty darn funny. I love satire. Full coverage at Techmeme.