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Blogs Will Evolve & Integrate Into Google Search Results, Eventually

Cleveland recruiting & blogging guru Joel Cheesman points out that blog results are beginning to show up in the regular Google results.


Yeah, they’re probably testing, but I argue it’s going to go further as time goes by. Look, there are now 63 million blogs out there according to Technorati. These blogs are like little tadpoles right now, but watch out, some are going to grow up.

And what happens when a blog grows up? It turns into a frog? No, it stops being a blog!

That’s right. In my opinion, and I’m betting that in Google’s opinion as well, a blog is only a blog when it’s small and young. However, as time goes by, and the information becomes more relevant and “high-quality”, Google begins to view it as not a blog, but a valuable resource to be indexed.

So what I’m saying is that eventually, as bloggers “grow up” and become better content producers and gain strength, etc… Eventually those blogs will be “good enough” to be in Google’s index.

Give it time, and watch out. In 3-5 years, how many trillions of blog content pages will be good enough to integrate. Still think blogs aren’t relevant?