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Free Business Idea: Bottled Bathroom Sink Water

Am I the only person who thinks the water out of the sink (not the toilet) in my bathoom tastes much better than the water out of my kitchen sink? This is both true in my new home, and the house I grew up in, as well as any other domicile I inhabited over the years between leaving the parents house and buying my own home. (Except for the college house, blech).


My wife cringes when I talk about this, but I don’t care. I think that bathroom sink water tastes much better for some strange reason.

Perhaps it’s because I’m comforted by the memory of growing up with those awesome little paper Dixie Cups that were always there when I needed a late night sip as a child. (Thanks Mom).

So what’s the idea? My wife had the idea a year ago that someone should take juice boxes and fill them with water and sell them to parents who don’t like their kids to have nasty juice boxes. She called it an aqua box. And she never acted on it.

Now, a year later she’s watching Ellen on TV and sees a women who did it, and Ellen was promoting it! What a sinking feeling in your stomach eh?

Remember, the key to being a successful entrepreneur is just making it work and doing it.

Back to my idea. Someone needs to get the water from my sink into some bottles and sell it. I’d buy it. But wait, I can just go upstairs right now, and I’m the only one who wants it, so bad idea.

You get the point? If you have an idea, and it makes sense, and lots of other people besides yourself want/need it. Just do it before someone else does.

Here’s Ellen ripping my wife’s dreams apart talking about the Aqua2Go.

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