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Idea Consultants Must Have A Plan & Be Able To Solve Problems

Aaron Wall over at SEOBook (that’s my affiliate link, buy the book and get me a spiff I’d appreciate it) has a good post called ‘Hiring the Ideas Guy‘.

As more and more content is created there are more publishers than there are good ideas, which means publishers are hungry to spread the few good ideas that exist. What separates a profitable channel from a money loser is typically two things: ideas and execution.


The reason consultants can charge $500 to $1,000 an hour is because they can create and spread good ideas that create significant market leverage and value quickly.

Yep, and here’s my own additional thoughts on “being an idea guy”. As I said in the comments on Aaron’s post…

I’m an idea guy as well, but I can, and do execute. You just have to have the resources to get r’ done.

Here’s a mistake you should never make that I did once. Don’t pitch yourself as an idea guy, pitch yourself as an idea guy who implements. Most people hear “idea guy” and think, “Oh, he wants a big paycheck for sitting around thinking about stuff.”

See, most people want consultants to solve problems. Whether it’s time, or saving money, or whatever. So for an “idea guy” to come in and get the job, they have to solve one of those problems, or whatever it is the customer needs. So, ask them right up front.

“What problems do you have?”

Then, come in as the idea guy and solve it, with an execution plan. That’s how you get work as an idea consultant.