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It’s Saturday & I Couldn’t Give A Shit About Scoble Pimping PayPerPost

But guess what? Many people apparantely do. The Techmeme coverage proves it.


Look, Scoble disclosed it, and you know what? It’s business. He made a business decision based on money.

News Flash: Scoble and the other big guns are not real bloggers. They are brands. Real bloggers are 63 million people who write a blog about office furniture or their day at work. It’s a huge difference.

Let’s all stop with this PayPerPost chatter as well. I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever, (did I say ever?), ever seen a company get so much press without a big media budget.

People, the deception is gone, this discussion should be over, let’s move on? Business is business. The real blogosphere doesn’t give a shit, either do I.

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