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Personality Marketing & Branding Starts With The Right Image

When it comes to branding yourself successfully, you need to start with the right image. I would argue that the most successful personality “brands” on the Internet today have a strong graphic identity. Today I wanted to talk about cartoons or “icons” as successful branding graphics.

Let’s examine a few of them.

Dave Taylor at

Chris Pirillo at

Shawn Collins at

Sam Harrelson at

Of course, I’ve have my own icons. This first one is my old one, which I hate.
Jim Kukral

This is my newest one, which I really like.
Jim Kukral

Here’s a tip. If you’re going to have your own “icon” made of yourself, choose your most flattering photo. As with any type of cartoon of this type, your features are pulled out, and the point is you want to look interesting, not stupid. Oh yeah, and use a smiling photo, unless you’re trying to scare people or intimidate them.

I had both of my icons done at The first, which I hate, by the artist named Shalimar (to her credit, her other drawings look awesome, I just hate mine). The second, which I love, was done by Jose.

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