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Scammers & Thieves Are Ruining The eBay Brand Experience

I just tried to sell a computer on eBay and what happened? I got scammed. No, I didn’t lose any money, I’m too Internet geeky to get scammed that hard, but what did happen was this.


1. Over the 10 day auction I got 41 eBay messages asking me if they “could buy it outside of eBay and ship it to the UK/Nigeria/Australia etc…”

Um, no you can’t.

2. During the last half hour of the auction, two UK bidders bid it from $1500 (the top value price really) to $5k.

Here’s what I think is going on. These a-hole fake bidders drive up the bid price for several reasons.

1. Because they think that if they big way over what the value of the item is, the seller will be stupid enough to get so excited that they’ll agree to ship the item before being paid. (Probably works sometimes)

2. They drive up the bids to ruin the auction for my item so that there are more real bidders to bid on their stuff.

All I know is this. I hate eBay right now.

To make matters worse now, eBay has “cancelled” my auction less than 24-hours after it ended. I can’t even view/find the auction. I wanted to go back and do a second chance offer to one of the real bidders, but now I can’t even do that.

Dear eBay,

I hate you.


Jim Kukral

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