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You Ain’t Fat… You Ain’t Nuthin!

pillowpants.gifI gotta tell you, there’s probably nothing more annoying than skinny guys hoisting an extra 20-30 pounds stealing all us real fat guys thunder.

C’mon Calacanis, you are rich and slightly famous and smart…

You gotta get the limelight for pretending to be fat too? Pa-lease. Kevin Smith’s thigh weighs more than you.

Let me ask you a few questions my friend. Call this a fat quiz. Did you shop in the husky section growing up? When you sit in an airplane seat do you have to kinda “search” to find the seat belt ends? Have you ever spent more than $15 dollars on food for just yourself at Taco Bell?

No? K, bye. You ain’t fat.

This post was written to make myself laugh.

1000 points for the person who can tell me what my title for this blog entry is taken from. Hint, it’s a music video.

Update: 1000 points awarded in comments. Nice work.

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