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The Big Brown Box project just went live. Check it out, in less than an hour of it going live, the big brown box has over $13,200 worth of stuff in it. Including a $1700 Dell XPS gaming laptop.


Want to put something in the big brown box? It’s easy, find out more here.

Here are the first four items in the big brown box.

Item #4: $10,000 Web Traffic Package From Jon At Wickedfire Forums!
Item #3: $500 Podcast Design Consultation from David Lawrence
Item #2: $1000 Professional Logo Design Package
Item #1: Dell XPS Laptop Valued at $1700

So What Is The Big Brown Box?

The best way to know what the big brown box project is, is to read this page.


What kind of stuff can I send in for the big brown box?

What kind of stuff DON’T you want in the big brown box?

Am I donating these things I send in for the big brown box? Will I ever get them back?

How do I know what you’ll accept into the big brown box?

When will the big brown box fill up & what will happen to it?

Are you guys gonna just steal my stuff?

So if you put my item in the big brown box do I get a link on your site?

About the Author

Candace Rodriguez - November 9, 2007

Hi, I’m a new charity. To have leukemia and cancer society plus kids beating cancer they find bone marrow donors. Plus I want to start give ill children a 2nd wishes that family can’t afford it. I also help parent find info, and recourse. Below is the reason I’m doing these.

How I help is I booked travel and I’m an event planer.
50% of the commission plus all of the sponsorship donations I received go 100% to the cause.
We pay are cost with the other 50%.
So Travel 4 your charity can us everything in these brown box
My websites is not finish. We are work on it.

My Story
Candace Rodriguez

Candace and PJ’s Story

I was 14 when I met the love of my life Pete Rodriguez who was 18. Peter felt he was too old for me but when I turned 18, he felt different. We were close friends and then as time grew, feelings changed. We lived together for a year before deciding to get married and start a family. Soon after we made the decision to have a child, we found ourselves seeing a doctor whom specializing in IVF births, because I had miscarried because of a tubule pregnancy. IVF worked on the first try.

On March 27, 2000, Peter David Rodriguez Junior was born at 5lbs. 4 oz. and 19in. long. At the moment of PJ’s, (Peter Junior) entrance to our world the room was filled with such love and beautiful feelings that we were all sensitive to each others emotions and reactions.

At 7 months, PJ skipped crawling and went straight to walking and by that time he hit 9 months you could not keep up with him. PJ was a healthy child, except for an occasional ear infection and fever after vaccinations.

A couple of months before PJ’s second birthday, me and Pete noticed bruising on PJ and he started loosing his balance. PJ wanted to be carried more often which was very unusual for him. I took PJ to the pediatrician at 20 months; they questioned me if anyone was hitting him. They did an anemic test from the same finger 3 times. The test came back inclusive all 3 times. I was scared, had no clue what to do. I left the doctors office, went home and took an absence from work and watched everyone very closely around PJ, including his father. I loved Peter and never thought he would hit his child but you always hear about child abuse being in the family.

A week before PJ’s 2nd birthday, Peter asked me about his 2 year check up. It’s ironic, because Peter never worried about PJ’s doctors appointments before. I tried for a while to dodge the question, because I was scared to take him back to the doctors. Peter then got the truth out of me. Peter was passive man and he never got angry at me, but he was furious with me. He told me to make the appointment and he would take PJ. So on PJ’s birthday, Peter took PJ in to see his Pediatrician. He told the pediatrician that there is no one hitting our son and told him that I had been a nervous wreck wondering why this has been going on. The doctor did blood tests that showed PJ was anemic and told Peter to take him to Arnold Palmer Hospital for a more extensive blood test.

Peter called home and had me cancel the birthday party for PJ. I had 20 minutes to call and cancel the pizza, tell the kids to go home, and to pack a bag. We arrived at the hospital within 30 minutes of the phone call. They immediately took blood tests of PJ and got the results within 33 minutes. That has to be a world record, but to me this was a sign that there was something wrong. Dr. Giusti and an intern came and met with me and Peter and told us they found that PJ had acute lymphoblast leukemia (ALL). That night we were admitted into the hospital. The next day, PJ went into surgery for a central line (port) to help administer medicine. On Easter Sunday, PJ started Chemotherapy. Which lead to 17 day stay at the hospital, they started him into the induction phrase of his treatment, putting him on steroids, blood transfusions, and put in a port to help administer medicine. Then PJ was released and went home for a 4 days before being re-admitted for another 28 days for a port infection and Chemotherapy. I was not able to see my son for the first week because I had gotten ammonia. Peter had to stay with PJ and his job laid him off because he was unable to leave his son. PJ was in chemotherapy treatment 3 ½ years.

Because of the extensive Chemotherapy, PJ has been severely behind academically. For example, PJ academically a 4 ½ year old. He should be in 2nd grade but he can barely finish kindergarten work. He has occupational delays as well. For example, he can’t tie his shoes and hold a pencil correctly. He also has speech problems. He didn’t not start speaking fully until he was 4; He is still has to wear overnights when he goes to bed. Unfortunately, like every child we have to repeat simple directions. I have to repeat directions to PJ 7-8 times. These are just examples on what I deal with on a daily basis. Not counting medical effects from the Chemo: hearing loss, absent seizures, possibility of infertility and PJ has greater risk in getting any type of cancer. Also boys have a greater chance of relapsing.

The hardest thing as a mother is when your child has a life-threatening illness is wanting to give them every possible chance because he maybe gone tomorrow. And I’m not trying to play devil advocate, because I truly believe in my heart that PJ will grow up to be something great. So as a parent, how do I raise a child to grow up and have all the moral values and understand to be grateful for life and become a well rounded adult? It’s a struggle parents like me face.

PJ has been off treatment since he was 5 years old and will be considered cured at 10 years old if the cancer does not come back during that time. If PJ has relapse they would have a hard time to find a bone marrow donor. Due to the fact that PJ is mixed, we have to get the word out that minorities in mixed races need to become a bone marrow donor.

PJ’s father also past away in August of 2006 at the age of 31, due to this PJ has been suffering with self esteem, wetting himself and expressing his feelings with me. I am afraid that the loss of his father could cause him to relapse. I know that’s crazy to say, but it’s proven that if you keep any ill person happy and active, they have a better chance of life.

Today, PJ attends Avalon school is for children with learning disabilities and delays and these children can not have any behavior issues were he also receives extra tutoring. PJ is playing football for the Pop Warner tiny mites on the HAWK team. In the past, PJ has played basketball, soccer, golf, and done gymnastics. Sports seem to give PJ the most joy. Making him feel more like a normal kid and equal his feeling of inadequacy.

As a parent, I will always try and make sure PJ will get one in a lifetime opportunities, because I never know what tomorrow will hold. Please read this story and please remember life is short, you never know when it will end. Please read special thanks for other stories about PJ.

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