BUMPzee Links: March 28, 2007 – LIFE APOCALYPSE – Jim Kukral Speaker *Mindset *Lifestyle *Impact *Purpose

BUMPzee Links: March 28, 2007

I’ve found that I use BUMPzee like a new type of feed reader. It’s great, I go over a couple of times a day and look through the “new” listings of blogs in the community, find what I like, read it, then bump it if I want, or dump it. Wash, rinse, repeat.

But the VERY best part of it is that if the blog owner is using the BZ widgets, I can see how many comments their blog entry has, which is great because then I can track conversations. Anyway, Scott, where’s my check? :)

Here’s some cool links I found today just browsing around.

Seth Godin says you should write an ebook.

Stumbleupon spy takes over Google

Will Google’s Pay-Per-Action Ease Click Fraud?

Can You Get Sued For Tracking Your Blog’s Uptime?

Amazon Associates launches contextual beta program

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