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Dear PC, I’m Leaving You For A Mac

I’ve been trying to think of reasons why I should finally switch from PC to a Mac, but I can only come up with one reason… $$$. That’s it, that’s the only think holding me back. I have too much invested in my PC’s and software, etc…

I’m tired of using PC’s, so I’m giving PC till the end of the year to convince me that I shouldn’t switch to a Macbook Pro. You can view the live countdown here at

I started my computer life on Macs before the Internets doing graphic design, so I suppose it’s only appropriate that I make the switch back to them eventually. I only left because PC’s were easier to do “regular” business with. I think those days are long gone.

In fact, still have my Macintosh Powerbook 145 sitting on my shelf in my office collecting dust. It has a 40mb hard drive yo!

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