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Design, Usability & Branding – AffiliateForce 2003

This is a blast from the past, just found it in my hard drive while looking for a file. I did this presentation at the AffiliateForce cruise in 2003. Click on the “Jobs, Press, & Help” link to start the presentation, then navigate slides by using navigational tabs up top.

Give me credit, I even faked the Adsense ad. Hax0r! Click here to view it out of the iframe.

This was my first affiliate event, and I knew nobody (in person) really, all through online. Except the people at KowaBunga! and Shawn, Wayne sorta, a few others. Or wait, was the New York event after this or before this? I was at that.

Why post this? I think the information in the presentation is still valuable, plus, it’s fun to see my animated head spinning around.

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