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Disney.com Shopping, So Easy My 5-Year-Old Can Shop There

I know, I know, it’s stupid to leave my 5-year-old with a live Internet connection on her little game pc setup in my office. But to my defense, I am always in the same room when she’s on the computer, and I usually have the wireless disconnected so she can’t surf the big bad web.

princess_towel.jpgHowever, the other day I found myself watching in amazement as my 5-year-old was surfing through the games at Disney.com, and how the Disney website successfully integrated products directly into their web interface.

The result? My daughter ended up adding 2 items she wanted to buy into her shopping cart, then proceeded to tell me that “she was ready to buy”. She doesn’t even read yet.

Yep, my 5-year-old had her first online shopping experience, courtesy of Cinderella. And shortly after, I had $23.00 less on my credit card after ordering it for her.

Now that’s how you build an ecommerce website.

Want To Be As Good As Disney? Copy Them!

Look, the reason Disney can charge so much for a waffle at Disneyworld is because they know they can, and, because they’ve researched it. If they didn’t think they could get away with it, they wouldn’t, and that’s why they constantly test.

The point is, when looking to improve on something, always, always go look at the big players. These gigantic brands have spent millions and millions of dollars testing things like shopping carts, web navigation and everything else. So I say, go and copy them. It’s obvious they know what they’re doing.

What, you have a few million laying around to run your own shopping cart usability tests?

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