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Do You Know How To Make An Amazing “About” Page?

My Cleveland friend Anita Campbell, who is also the super small business guru over at, recently interviewed me for a piece she was writing about “About pages” for INC Magazine. The finished piece went live today on the Internet at entitled ‘About Your Website’s “About” Page‘.

So, Do You Know The Keys To A Good About Page?


The “About” page — also known as the “About Us” page — is one of the most clicked-on webpages on a business website. It’s right up there after the home page. Yet some website owners pass up opportunities to write killer About pages that will help sell services and products, and turn one-time visitors into newsletter subscribers or regular readers.

It’s a good piece, on a topic that I think a lot of people don’t really consider when building their websites and now blogs.

Gotta love the direct link from to my blog too eh? :)