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Join Me At The ecomXpo Virtual Online Trade Show This Week?

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I’ll be participating as a vendor in the latest ecomXpo online virtual trade show. Stop by my booth and say hello?

My booth name is 1-888-BLOG-BIZ. Not registered for the show? No problem, here’s a link to get in, free.

Here’s the company line from their website. My take below.

eComXpo is the first virtual, online trade show and conference for eCommerce marketers. Hundreds of exhibitors, sponsors, and presenters will be gathering with over 8,000 attendees (making it the largest eCommerce tradeshow in the world), completely online and 100% free to attend. eComXpo provides all the benefits of a top tradeshow without the cost, travel or hassle normally associated with traditional events.


Is This Show Worth It?

Yeah, it really is. I have attended this show as both a booth vendor (twice) and as a regular attendee. From the attendee standpoint, you really don’t have much to lose by registering for free and taking a walk around. I spend my time browsing through all of the booths looking for companies that I never knew existed. It’s really very helpful for me to keep up tabs on who’s out there.

What I haven’t participated in is the university program (banner on right with my affiliate link built in). See, the free registration doesn’t cover all the speaking events I don’t think, and buying into the university gives you access to them all during, and after the event.

If you’re skeptical about this event, take my word for it, it’s worth a look, especially with the free registration. Come say hello to me in my booth and let’s chat about it.