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Smart People Use Twitter

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Sam Harrelson - March 28, 2007


Great post.

I’m actually editing a 10 minute “How To Use Twitter” aimed at the affiliate and online marketing crowd right now because we’ve had some great discussions at places like the ABW Web2.0 forum about getting going with Twitter.

The video should be up in the next hour on CPN or my YouTube page.

Don’t worry… the video is not Gary Ruplinger style (do a YouTube search for him if you haven’t seen his SEO work).

Wade - March 30, 2007

Jim, do you think you could have made your twitter page just a little more obnoxious ?

Dan Mosqueda - June 11, 2007

I describe in my Blog article titled “Blog Traffic” how Twitter has most definitely brought folks to my site. One way that I find new “friends” is by periodically viewing the “Public Timeline” and looking for interesting people. Sometimes they’re very interesting, other times, not so much.

A great thing about Twitter is other URLs from twitters you receive. You find some of the best blogging and articles you would’ve never seen otherwise. I think there are many other great uses for Twitter, but I’m formulating new thoughts on that topic. Stay tuned here and around the web for more on Twitter!

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