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TV Advertising Executives Might Just Be Stupid & Desperate Enough To Pull This Off

appletv.jpgI’m not sure if these people just don’t get it, or if they really believe what they are saying and thinking.

The NY Times is reporting that

ABC is considering changes in the decades-old way it interrupts programs for commercial breaks. The goal is to encourage viewers to stick around rather than reaching for the remote or racing to the refrigerator.

Ok, how? ABC won’t give it up yet, but here’s what others are doing.

CW is selling commercials that resemble programs, with the sponsors’ products incorporated into the plots.

Looks like I’m never going to watch CW ever. Not that I ever did.

On the cable side, the VH1 network, owned by Viacom, tested last month a method of keeping viewers tuned in during commercial breaks that it calls Showstoppers. The experiment, during a show named “Hogan Knows Best,” commingled program snippets and spots in a way that was intended to lead the viewers through the commercial pods to the moment the show came back.

Are you kidding me?

“Without this change, I don’t know how long television can be sustainable as an advertising medium,” said O. Andrew Jung, senior director for advertising and media services at the Kellogg Company. He has been leading the push for brand-specific commercial ratings.

I’m not sure even with that change you can keep it up. Desperation? Smells like it.

I’ve got one suggestion that can fix the problem. Better commercials. Ones that don’t suck. Ones that don’t show me a Ford truck driving up a ramp in the middle of the desert towing a flat bed of iron-ore. Ones that actually engage me and speak to me.

When I think ahead 20-years from now and my daughter is 25, I’m not sure that I believe she’ll even watch a TV, will she? If the Sopranos weren’t coming back next month, I think I might have just left my TV off. Rant over, back to work.

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