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Twitter Day 1: I’m A Ghost In The Machine?

twitterlogo.jpgI’m about 24-hours into my first experience into Twitter. Here are my first impressions.

1. I was expecting more noise. Frankly, the noise from my 15 or so friends I have now is way less than my normal day to day IM chatter. I was thinking it was going to be 4 times more noise, I got less. Misconception.

2. Twitter is like talking to yourself in a room and hoping everyone else is listening. It’s like you’re a ghost in someone else’s room listening to them talk to themselves. Does that make sense? It’s weird. I can’t explain it.

3. Twitteroo is responsible for crashing my PC laptop, (HARD, take battery out reboots), twice so far since installed. Grrr.

4. The IM client on Twitter isn’t working still. Sam says it’s supposed to be up this weekend. I want to try that, maybe that will improve my experience.

5. My first hours in Twitter were about as confusing as my first hours in Myspace. I suppose that’s a good thing?

Here’s a video of Sam and Macy explaining Twitter.

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