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What In The World Is Up With Jim Kukral?

It was a big day for me today. This morning it was announced that I am hosting the media and blog room at the next Affiliate Summit, then I spent my lunch speaking to 85 Cleveland professionals as I moderated a panel on social media. After that I did a video interview with my favorite Cheesehead blogger Joel Cheesman. As if that wasn’t enough, I resigned from ReveNews later in the day.

Whew. At least I avoided having another panic attack.

So, What’s Up With You Lately Jim?

I’m getting a ton of emails asking me “what happened”, and in general asking me “what is up with you lately?” So I think it’s probably easier to just answer those questions directly right now.

The answer to what’s up with Jim is… I’m just in a transitional period. Here’s some specific answers, and thank you to everyone who showed concern. I do appreciate it.

Leaving ReveNews was my choice. Wayne talks more about that here. I don’t have much more to add except I’ll miss it, and it was time for me to move on and try some different things.

I sold BlogKits to Forge last spring, and we launched in December of 06. Currently BlogKits is being “retooled”, and while that happens I’m taking the time to focus on other things like my consulting business. I’m still blogging on the blog though.

Speaking & Event Schedule
I’m actively seeking out speaking gigs for myself. I’ll be speaking at Postiecon in June, then hosting the Affiliate Summit media room in July, and I should be speaking at the Blog World Expo in the fall. Get with me if you want me to speak at an event you’re planning.

The Blogging Continues
If you haven’t noticed, I’ve finally begun to move all of my blogging energy over to this blog instead of a million other places. I still hope to keep a blog at ReveNews (depending on what they do with it) and I still have my blog at MPdailyfix as well.

New Projects & Old Projects
I sold a bunch of my old projects and websites (that were still very profitable) earlier this year because it was “just time” to move on. One of them I had live since 2001 and had generated millions of visitors. I acquired some new sites that I’m continuing to develop, and have been working on some new projects as well.

I think that everything happens for a reason, and that you don’t see opportunity until you are ready for it. That being said, I think that I realized that I’m finally ready to spread my wings and focus on new opportunities like my consulting business and other new things. I guess what I’m saying is… Sometimes you just need to get on a different horse.

Got an opportunity you want to talk to me about?
My contact information is listed below. I’m open to listening to any serious opportunities you may have that require a person like me. Lots of opportunities are springing up already… just have to find the right match. Give me a ring.

Email: jim at jimkukral [dot]com
Skype: JimKukral, AOL: Monkfish7
Phone: 216.272.4383

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